Our Family’s Fave Restaurants-Dallas

IMG_7426.JPGWe kind of feel like we, as in Erin, Hayley, Rourke and myself, have become very familiar with the Dallas restaurant scene.  With the kids residing there and with us frequently visiting them, we have done our fair-share of eating out! Continue reading “Our Family’s Fave Restaurants-Dallas”

Cabi Capsule For Fall

fullsizeoutput_3354.jpegI just received my latest Cabi choices for the fall.

I love how Cabi uses the same dye lot from season to season, so I can interchange my last season’s pieces with this season’s.

If you missed my spring capsule, you may view it here.  I am looking forward to mixing-and-matching using all of these wardrobe staples this fall.   Continue reading “Cabi Capsule For Fall”

Just Peachy

IMG_0115.JPGWith summer wrapping up, I am trying to take full advantage of all of the summer produce available still.  One of my favorite summer fruits is the peach.  I like them plain, grilled, in cobbler, and of course, in my morning smoothies.

Here is a simple, fast, healthy breakfast treat for you to try at home. Continue reading “Just Peachy”

Ways I Use Pictures in My Classroom

IMG_0063.JPGI thought I would every now and then give you a little insight into my other job with ideas that might be helpful to you, too.

I use pictures a lot in my classroom, so much the lady at CVS and I are on a first-name basis. Continue reading “Ways I Use Pictures in My Classroom”

Lunches On My Front Burner Now

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.35.06 PM.png

Low Carb Garlic Chicken Collard Wraps

I am always looking for healthy but delicious recipes to make for my lunch.  I like to dine on the colors of the rainbow without sacrificing any flavor.

Here are some recipes I’ve rounded up and hope to try in the near future. Continue reading “Lunches On My Front Burner Now”