Shelves Revised: Shelf One

IMG_9482.JPGI was looking at my latest Southern Living lately and noticed that all of the shelves in a certain featured house looked so “together.”  Then I looked all over my house and noticed my shelves looked, well, disheveled.  (no pun intended)

So, I decided to do something about it.  This is the first shelf I tackled. It is my cookbook collection in the kitchen.  I have too many and these aren’t even half of them.  But I thought, with all the different colors of cookbooks, let’s do a color spectrum look.

fullsizeoutput_30f5.jpegThis is the “before picture.”  See what I mean???IMG_9471.JPGI emptied the shelf. I then sorted all of the cookbooks by color, putting them in stacks.IMG_9472.JPGI did a little cleaning up on them. I then put them together in order of the rainbow.IMG_9476.JPGIMG_9477.JPGIMG_9478.JPGIMG_9479.JPGIMG_9480.JPGI then added the brown and black ones.IMG_9481.JPGIMG_9482.JPGI think it looks so much tidier!

Be looking for my next shelf I tackle!!!!

Happy Friday!



The Bar Cart Blues

fullsizeoutput_30f6fullsizeoutput_30f7fullsizeoutput_30f8fullsizeoutput_30f9fullsizeoutput_30faWell, I have been informed that my bar cart obsession is breaking the bank plus we are running out of cocktail napkin storage.  So, that said, I am saying adios to this series.

I will be still decorating the bar cart using what I already have (like I have done above), but will probably not be posting to the blog.

So here’s a look back before saying good-bye…….IMG_3270fullsizeoutput_1b84fullsizeoutput_1bedfullsizeoutput_1762fullsizeoutput_16a2fullsizeoutput_2f08fullsizeoutput_14a9fullsizeoutput_2219fullsizeoutput_11b3fullsizeoutput_22f8fullsizeoutput_e7ffullsizeoutput_2189fullsizeoutput_b35IMG_4229fullsizeoutput_26a3I will be brainstorming a new series to replace the bar cart one…. until then…(tears streaming)



Birthday Bar Cart Details:  birthday gift wrap//gold highball glasses//gold cocktail shaker//multicolored tassel garland//light box

Transitional Outfit

IMG_9502.JPGIt’s always hard to transition between summer and fall, especially where we live.  Fall temps don’t usually really start happening here until late October/early November.  It works in our favor, because we usually can wait to hit the sales on sweaters/coats.  It’s not even begun to get cold until December/January.

What I have done here is create a fun date-night/lunch-date outfit that is not too hot nor too cool, temp-wise.

The short-sleeve sweater is made of cotton, but can definitely be topped off with a jean jacket for even cooler temps.  Thank goodness the “rainbow trend” is also transitioning into fall, according to the latest fashion magazines.  I love how you can accessorize with all of the colors in it, or like here, go with neutrals, like gold, white and gray.

The white jeans, my year-round staple, have a frayed hem to add some interest.

The chunky heel gives me height, elongating me, and evens out the stripes, which tend to give you a widening illusion.

I used the cross body LV bag, because I love taking this on dates.  I can be hands-free, yet have something to house my basics:  phone, lipstick and cc.  IMG_9503.JPGfullsizeoutput_30ee.jpegfullsizeoutput_30ec.jpegfullsizeoutput_30ea.jpegfullsizeoutput_30e8.jpegfullsizeoutput_30e4.jpegIMG_9505.JPGIMG_9508.JPGIMG_9509.JPGIMG_9510.JPG

How do you transition from summer to fall?  Any helpful hints you can offer this old gal?



Outfit details:  multicolored sweater (on sale, go down a size)//similar white jeans, distressed with frayed hem//gray heel sandals on sale//similar gold hoop earrings//gold cuff//similar LV cross body bag