Lavish Libations: A Mint Julep

IMG_5923.JPGOne of my bucket list items is to attend the annual Kentucky Derby, gaudy hat and all.  But, it’s not happening this year, so a homemade mint julep and a Samsung TV will have to suffice. Continue reading “Lavish Libations: A Mint Julep”


Favorite Exfoliants

fullsizeoutput_22fb.jpegI am a firm believer in exfoliating daily.  Not only does it take off the dead layer of skin, but also keeps pores clear and prevents ingrown hairs.  It improves blood circulation and gives you a healthy glow.  It also aids in helping products to efficiently penetrate skin and do their job properly. Continue reading “Favorite Exfoliants”

Cinco De Mayo Bar Cart


Buenos Dias!  I know it is still April, but May 5 is upon us before we know it.  I thought it would be fun to do a Mexican fiesta theme.  I toyed with doing a Kentucky Derby-themed bar cart.  Consequently, it also on May 5 this year.

But, I just love the fun colors a fiesta entails.  In fact, for Hayley’s graduation last May, we put on a fiesta of all fiestas.  You can check it out here.

fullsizeoutput_22e8I found these two cuties on either side of the light box at Hobby Lobby.  The cactus was 40% off, and I used their 40% coupon online for the mini-pinta,

fullsizeoutput_22eb.jpegThese fun napkins were a hostess gift, but my guest got them at this very, fun site.fullsizeoutput_22f1.jpegThe pom-pom garlands (I used 2) are from Target’s party section.

fullsizeoutput_22f3.jpegThe ice bucket was a DIY project that you can check out here.fullsizeoutput_22f4.jpegRourke keeps complaining about the fact that there is no liquor on our bar cart.  So, I am gradually building a small arsenal.  Of course, I had to include tequila for margaritas.fullsizeoutput_22f2.jpegMy standard bar books and one of my favorite candles.fullsizeoutput_22ef.jpegGot to have flowers and margarita glasses, of course!!fullsizeoutput_22f6.jpeg For an easy, delicious salsa to go with your ‘ritas, click here.fullsizeoutput_22f8.jpeg

Hasta luego, amigos!



FYI… Tomorrow, April 14, Target will have a collaboration with Hunter.  You can purchase boots for the whole family from the same company the queen wears for a fraction of the cost!

Face Lift with NYX Products

IMG_5769.JPGWho wants to go through surgery and the recovery to look a little bit younger?  I definitely don’t!

Through a co-worker and with the help from Hayley, I have discovered the next best thing!

I am using these two products from NYX, a very affordable, drugstore brand.  I used the Wonderstick in “Deep Profound” and Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in “Sunbeam.”fullsizeoutput_22e0fullsizeoutput_22e1.jpegfullsizeoutput_22e2.jpegfullsizeoutput_22e3.jpegfullsizeoutput_22e4.jpeg

I also used this contour and blender sponge duo.

Start by applying foundation and concealer.  Wet the larger blending sponge and blend in products.IMG_5718.JPGIMG_5719.JPGIMG_5720.JPGIMG_5721.JPG

Next, using the darker end of the WonderStick….IMG_5722.JPG

Draw lines..IMG_5723.JPGunderneath cheekbones on both sides.IMG_5724.JPGThen draw…IMG_5725.JPGon forehead…

And for a “nose job”….IMG_5727.JPGdraw down both sides of nose bone.IMG_5728.JPGThen for a “lip enhancement”…IMG_5734.JPGunderneath lip.

Next, draw a line across jawbone.IMG_5741.JPGIMG_5752.JPGNow, using the lighter end of the stick, draw a line on chin, across forehead, down the center of nose, and down both sides of mouth from nose to lip.IMG_5736.JPG

Wet and squeeze excess water out of smaller blending sponge.  Blend in all the lines, using small strokes.IMG_5746.JPGIMG_5748.JPGIMG_5753.JPGIMG_5757.JPGNow using the highlight cream with a small brush….IMG_5760Apply a small amount to top of cheekbones and middle of forehead.  (Oops! I missed my forehead a bit, but end up blending it in when applying illuminator.)IMG_5764.JPGNow, apply powder, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, brow product and lip product.IMG_5770.JPGIMG_5771.JPGIMG_5772.JPGIMG_5773.JPGIMG_5774.JPG

I was a little intimidated by these products at first, but by playing around with them with the help of Hayley, there was nothing to it.  I recommend you start out by using a little bit at a time until you achieve the look you are aiming for.

Stay beautiful!