Doin’ It Up In Dallas

IMG_0521.JPGFor Fall Break, we decided to go over to Dallas to see the kids.  We started our 24-hour stint at the Katy Trail Ice House.  The whole gang met up for a late lunch, while we caught up, watched football, listened to some Jerry Jeff from their sound speaker and laughed a lot! Continue reading “Doin’ It Up In Dallas”

The Very Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

fullsizeoutput_3487.jpegRourke and I recently went to see A Star Is Born at the movies.  Prior to seeing it, we wanted to grab a quick bite.  Our choices near the theatre were very limited…Whataburger, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, El Chicos, Applebees and Copeland’s.  Wanting a glass of wine with dinner, we chose Copeland’s. Continue reading “The Very Veggie Breakfast Sandwich”

Lavish Libations Series: The Mystery Machine and Scooby snacks

fullsizeoutput_346f.jpegfullsizeoutput_3468Zoinks!! These meddling kids are at it again.  We are hopping in our “Mystery Machine,” making some Scooby snacks, and watching some Scooby-Doo and the Gang. Continue reading “Lavish Libations Series: The Mystery Machine and Scooby snacks”

The Grove Collaborative Review

My aunt and I both share our views in clean, non-toxic living choices.  She has been touting her love of Grove Collaborative.  They are a non-toxic cleaning/lifestyle subscription brand.  I got a chance to try them out recently, and I am here to tell you I love this idea.

I got all of these products below in my first shipment for $20.  I also got a 60-day VIP trial, which includes free shipping, a price match guarantee, speedy customer service, early access to new products and full-sized free gifts with each order.fullsizeoutput_33b6.jpegI got these amazing-smelling Meyer’s cleaning items free with my first order (minus the dishwasher tablets).


I added these three all-time faves of mine to the order. ( I put a bottle of the daily shower in each bathroom and encourage family members to spray shower after each use.  It cuts down on cleaning.). fullsizeoutput_33b2.jpegfullsizeoutput_33b9.jpegfullsizeoutput_33ba.jpegAnd, I got these free gifts to boot! Two dish cleaners and a spray bottle to put in The Grove concentrates (i.e. glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, etc.)

I know, I know, another subscription?  Really?  Well, if you are like me, you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, among other monthly fees.  Is this worth the yearly, $19.99??

I decided to compare shop, and here is what I found.

Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap (16oz.)

The Grove                             Target                                 Amazon

$3.89                                     $3.99                                   $3.89

(about the same price, all with free shipping with subscriptions/Target Red Card)

Seventh Generation Dish Soap (25 oz.)

The Grove                           Target                                  Amazon

$3.89                                    $2.79                                     $2.79

(about a dollars difference between The Grove and Target/Amazon)

Method Dish Soap (18 oz.)

The Grove                           Target                                  Amazon

$3.89                                    $2.84                                    $2.84

(again, about a dollars difference between The Grove and Target/Amazon)

But, with my 60-day, VIP speedy customer service, I immediately emailed my VIP concierge and asked about the price match guarantee.  She promptly emailed me back, saying, if you find a lower price, send link to them, and they will adjust the price at checkout.

You get an email asking if you would like to re-order previously-ordered products, new products or anything else each month.  You have the option to decline, of course, and not order anything.

I have decided to take advantage of my 60-day trial and decide before then whether to keep or not.  But, for now, I am taking advantage and have already added this razor/refill along with these reusable bpa-free plastic storage bags to my next order.

Have you tried Grove Collaborative?  What are your favorite clean products?



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Fall Cabi Capsule Outfit #3

IMG_0306.JPGI decided to wear a more casual look here with my Fall Cabi Capsule.  I am using fall’s oversized denim jacket trend along with the top and jeans I purchased.  I added a pop of red with statement earrings.  I finished everything off with high-top sneakers and a clutch.

This is something I could comfortably wear to school and feel stylish, too.  I would probably wear a bigger bag to school than the clutch seen here today, though.  Maybe my black backpack?

(If you missed the first two outfits, you can catch up here and here.)IMG_0314.JPGIMG_0313IMG_0317.JPGIMG_0302.JPGIMG_0321.JPGIMG_0322.JPGIMG_0323.JPGIMG_0324.JPGIMG_0325.JPG



Outfit details:  top//bottoms//jean jacket vintage, similar here//sneakers//clutch//similar earrings

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