Graduation Fiesta


Back in May, my daughter graduated from college with a degree in fashion merchandising.  We are so proud of her. She is a creative genius and talented in so many ways.  When we asked her how she wanted to celebrate the occasion, she thought about it and came up with a “fiesta!” Great!  Give Rourke and I a reason to entertain and we are there!

So, in April, Hayley and I headed up to Party City!! Ugh, Duh!  Why didn’t we wait until after Cinco De Mayo to catch the sales?? We weren’t thinking.  Anyway, we got all the fixin’s for a fiesta!  She ordered her invitations and cups from The Paper Tulip, where she works.  And, we went from there.


Of course, the weather predicted for this day was a torrential downpour.  So, we had to go to plan B.  So, we moved all of the outdoor furniture around.  We moved the outdoor dining table undercover and made a drink station.  (Thank you, Mary Ann, for the helpful hint!). Then we moved the photo booth into the den.IMG_4249IMG_4248IMG_4246IMG_4244

FYI, we served sangria, frozen margaritas (see in recipes), lemonade, cold drinks and Mexican beers.

Then, inside, in the dining room, we had a “Walking Taco” station.  (Hayley”s Pinterest idea!). It is actually small bags of corn chips that you open and fill with taco meat and all of the other taco toppings.  They were a big hit!  Along with those, were Superior’s cheese chimichangas.  IMG_4235IMG_4237IMG_4236

On the kitchen table, we had a salsa/queso bar, 7-layer dip, and tortilla roll-ups.

And on the bar in the kitchen, we served Whole Foods Chantilly Cream Cakes.  I had high hopes of making “churro cupcakes” with little sombreros on them, but I ran out of time and energy.  (If you haven’t tried the Chantilly Cake, it is really yummy and pretty. And, you can buy it ahead of time and put it in the fridge.)


We had a lovely time!  As guests were leaving they were offered a small bag to put a special cookie in as a parting gift.


And of course, the photo booth was a so much fun!  SAY QUESO!IMG_4234IMG_4253IMG_4252IMG_4251

Can you believe God sent us sunshine throughout the whole party, and the minute everyone left THE TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR CAME??? Wow!

I hope you got some ideas for your next “fiesta!”



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