Lemon Pattern on Pattern Outfit

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Hayley, a fashion merchandising graduate, was mentioning to me about the new pattern-on-pattern trend showing up now.  I was kind of skeptical at first, until I was watching The Kitchen on Food Network (I’m obsessed!).  Katie Lee was rocking this pattern-on-pattern outfit, but she could rock a black plastic trash bag on a Paris runway during Fashion Week.

Anyhoo….Fast forward a couple of days later, Rourke and I were at Target getting some last-minute items for our beach trip.  I stumbled upon this short and shirt set.  I looked twice and asked Rourke’s opinion.  He gave me “what-are-you-thinking” look.  I said, “Katie Lee was wearing this look the other day, and it was cute. Let me just try it on and see.”  He patiently waited outside the fitting room, and when I came out, he said, “Wow!” It was a good “wow,” too.  So I ended up getting it and love it!

A little funny side note:  If anybody knows my husband, they know he despises shopping.  Even more than shopping, he hates to spend money!!!  In fact, I always say, “Shopping with my husband is like going hunting with the game warden.”  So when I came out of the dressing room, he said he had picked me out some other things to try on. I looked at him and wondered if an alien had come down from outer space, took my husband and replaced him with Betty Halbreich.  He continued to keep bringing me clothes to try on, and I thought I’ve created a monster!! I guess he was in a rare spending mood. LOL

So about the outfit:  I wore it to lunch with my friend the other day and got tons of compliments on it.  It is long-sleeved but it really breathes and fits true to size.  I would definitely wear nude-colored undergarments with it.  I also think I’m going to have fun mixing and matching the two with other pieces.  I’m thinking maybe a denim top with the shorts and maybe a short white linen skirt with the top.  Also, with the top, maybe frayed white jeans and a statement belt.  The shoes I already had (see earlier post).  The earrings I already had, too.  They are still available in other colors but not gold.  The white ones are really cool looking.

Well, I would love your thoughts on this new trend….




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