What the frizz?


My hair has had its own form of evolution.  I was born with blond hair with a slight curl. Then as I grew older, my hair got straighter and darker.  Yeah, I used to be a brunette.  I even “permed” it (ugh, that dates me).  But after having kids, everything changed dramatically.  I love my children and wouldn’t give them up for anything, but they can mess a woman up!  My hair became really curly and encountered several big cowlicks.  Not only did all this happen, but then I started turning gray!!!

Living in the south, a woman has to deal with this thing called HUMIDITY!!  I remember traveling to California several times, and my hair looked so good.  I didn’t even have to wash it for several days!  I guess that’s why it’s so expensive to live there.  If you know anything about humidity, it causes the f-word, “frizz.”

Well, I decided to face this hair problem head on. I researched and read articles dealing with frizz, and boy did I get a reality check!  I was doing it ALL wrong.

First of all, every article said to wash hair using a sulfate-free, paraben-free product.  They all said to rinse hair in COLD water. Brrrr!  They all said to NEVER rub hair with towel.  And, they all said to AVOID, yes, AVOID, hairspray!  What????

Most articles went on to say that to avoid frizz, you must moisturize hair constantly with products that don’t weigh hair down.  I really had to find something like this, since my hair is so fine.

Other articles also mentioned drying hair with a cotton t-shirt.  Hmmmm…..

After researching this, I headed to Ulta with my 20%-off coupon in search of some products.  I didn’t want to spend an arm-and-a-leg, so I came upon this Bamboo Anti-frizz mini kit.  I thought, “this is perfect.”  I can try it out without investing in it. The kit included an Anti-fizz Shampoo and Conditioner, along with Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist. I also grabbed their Bamboo Anti-frizz PM Overnight Smoothing Treatment.


I also ordered one of these, because I tried tying my hair with a t-shirt.  Not only did I look like an idiot, but it just kept coming undone.  This alternative came with great reviews, so I thought I would give it a try.


I tried all of these tips and helpful hints, but I knew the true test would be when we went to the beach…… Feeling defeated, I usually just go curly and cowlicked at the beach and wear a hat.

In the following picture and in the first picture, I have no products in my hair and it has been air-dried.


So the here’s what I found worked:

Wash hair in Bamboo Anti-frizz Shampoo, just once.  Squeeze excess water out of hair and apply Bamboo Anti-frizz Conditioner.  Leave on a few minutes.  Then rinse with COLD water.  I found using the shower attachment nozzle helped get just my hair and not freezing the rest of me.  Squeeze as much water out as you can.  Then wrap in the Aquis Towel or cotton t-shirt.  Leave on until hair is 90% dry.  Comb out hair only once.  Spray Dry Oil Mist all over hair and finger through.  Using the hair dryer’s concentrator attachment, turn head over and dry hair at the roots.  Using a large round brush, flip head over and working in small sections, dry, pulling down on hair slowly.  Try to only dry once on each section.  After all sections are dry, hit your hair with cold air for a minute.  Finally,  spray the Dry Oil Mist on your fingers and rub along your ends.  Do NOT spray with hair spray.  Throughout the day, you can spray fingers with oil and rub along ends, depending on the humidity level.

I did this process the Fourth of July and the following picture shows the result.  If you follow me on Instagram, I posted an end-of-the-night pic and my hair still held fast!


I used the PM Overnight Treatment on my dry hair at night several nights.  It is safe for your linens.  You just have to wash out the next morning.

I hope you can get some helpful hints for your frizz issues.

Happy hair!


Product details: Aquis towelAnti-frizz kitAnti-Frizz PM Overnight Smoothing Treatment


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