Fresh Flower Tips


One thing I like to indulge in is fresh flowers for our home.  Unfortunately, it can get expensive, so I have had to research ways to stretch my dollar with this habit to justify it.


I have found that checking the date on the package helps.  Most flowers last two weeks if using precautions listed in this post.


I also ask my local grocer’s floral person when she/he gets their flowers in.  At Kroger in Shreveport, she gets them on Tuesday and Thursday.

She also puts out a flower mark-down on these days, too.


I got these roses for $1.99!

IMG_8043.JPGfullsizeoutput_ea0.jpegAs far as more bang for your buck, the carnation lasts longer than any flower in my opinion.

If you can spend a little extra time, you can get three vases of carnations from one bunch.

fullsizeoutput_e9ffullsizeoutput_e9e.jpegNotice these carnations are all the same size.  But, what you want to look for is carnations with different-sized blooms on them.  (See below.)

fullsizeoutput_e91.jpegfullsizeoutput_e92.jpegI break off the different-sized blooms and put them into three or four stacks, as seen below.

fullsizeoutput_e93.jpegThen I make sure to pull off any leaves that will be touching water in the vase.  The leaves cause bacteria in the water and will mold your flowers.

fullsizeoutput_e95.jpegI place flower food and water into vases and put carnations inside.  I’ll get three or four bouquets out of this!!


Okay let’s talk hydrangeas!  They are my all-time favorite.  The important thing about them is you need to submerge the flower completely in water and leave for about fifteen minutes before placing in vase.


It is also important to cut the stems off at an angle.  I also add allum (you can find in the spice aisle) to the water.  Maybe just a tablespoon or so.


Now let’s visit the rose.  The rose is the most delicate of the flowers and definitely has a shorter vase-life.  When buying roses, make sure the petals are tightly closed.  Also, feel the bulb and make sure it is hard.  These $1.99 roses fit the bill, so I grabbed them up immediately.


As far as gerbera daisies and snapdragons, they like this particular food to extend their vase-life.


Now the true rule for all flowers is YOU MUST CHANGE WATER AND FEED THEM EVERY COUPLE OF DAYS.  This truly works!!!

Usually, only one packet of food comes in each bouquet, but ask your grocer floral person for extras.  Our Kroger keeps a box of free packets on the floral counter.  I will grab a handful every time I buy flowers.


I hope I have helped you save a buck or two and enjoy some fresh flowers in your home! They truly brighten up any room!





4 thoughts on “Fresh Flower Tips

  1. Peonies are my favorite, but are very hard to find around here. Kroger had some beautiful stems this past spring. They are more expensive, but if you get them early and treat them right, they will last a few weeks!

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