The Tray Method


My friend, Rachel, gives the BEST gifts!  About a year ago, she gave me this beautiful book on home decor.  I have it on my coffee table, permanently and have noticed it on other blogger’s tables, too.  It has gorgeous pictures and great decorating ideas.


I don’t know about the people in your family, but in ours, someone is ALWAYS looking for their keys or their phone or their wallet….  Erin, in this book, gave me a great idea to help solve this problem.


It’s called “THE TRAY METHOD!”  Erin suggests putting a tray near different entryways for people to deposit their stuff. I thought, “genius!”

So, I went out on a mission to find some trays.  Uh, you can pay some pretty pennies for some trays, I soon found out.  But, then, when in World Market, I stumbled upon these!


I found this one, a little on the pricier side, at The Paper Tulip.


I designated everyone their own tray.  It took several reminders, but now that everyone is on board, it has truly helped everyone keep up with their stuff!


This is Hayley’s.  Usually, she keeps her keys in here, too.  She was at work at the time of this pic.


This is Rourke’s.  He usually has a lot more on here, too. But I kind of cleaned it up, and he was at work, too.  He kind of needs a tray for his tray.  He has taken it a little too far. 😉


This is mine!

Once in awhile, somebody in the fam will ask me if I’ve seen something that they lost…..

“I gently ask, “Did you use your tray?” 🙂

Do you have any ideas that you use to keep up with stuff?

Please share!



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