Alys Beach Bike Ride


When vacationing at the beach, our main mode of transportation is the bicycle.  We usually will rent bikes for the week, making it very easy to get around.  We love to occasionally take bike excursions to other communities nearby.  One of our favorites is Alys Beach.  The architecture is an all-white, almost Moroccan theme.  Everything has an almost fairy-tale feel to it.

Alys Beach has two restaurants, that are both very good!  One of my favorite places to eat  on Highway 30-A is  George’s.  They have a “Misbehave” and a “Behave” menu, depending on how healthy you want to eat at the moment.  There is also a restaurant at their infamous Caliza Pool.  It is aesthetically a treasure of its own, along with being very delicious, also.


Below, Caliza Pool Pics.fullsizeoutput_f2e.jpegfullsizeoutput_f2f.jpegfullsizeoutput_f30.jpegWe love riding over the different bridges, looking at all of the beautiful homes and fun art forms.


We also love riding the “Nature Trail” in the back of the community.


On the beach side, they have this beautiful viewing area!  I would love to watch the sunset from here one day!


I hope you enjoyed this tour of Alys Beach.  If you are ever near Highway 30-A, you might want to take a little excursion of your own!



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