Kombucha Kraze


On my recent trips to the store in search of lychee juice for another post, I kept seeing all these juices, I thought, labelled Kombucha.  I thought what-in-the-world?  I usually have my radar on for any new health trend.  So I went home and did some researching….


What I found out, it wasn’t anything new.  The Chinese have been using this fermented tea for over 2000 years for health purposes.  It has been dubbed an “Immortal Health Elixir.”  They ferment green and/or black tea, using a colony of bacteria and yeast.  It becomes carbonated and contains vinegar, B vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, and a high concentration of acetic, gluconic and lactic acids.

The health benefits have been known to:

  • Improve digestion
  • Increase energy
  • Cause weight loss
  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • Support the immune system
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Prevent cancer

WOW!  I thought, I need to try this.  The next time I was in Whole Foods, again in search of the infamous lychee, I found these Louisiana-made Kombuchas.


They had the cutest names and most interesting flavors.  They are are made by Big Easy Bucha, out of New Orleans.  They are made from both green and black teas.  The Big Easy Bucha company is definitely a Christian company, because they have “James 1:17″ printed on every label, which I love.  It says,”Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” Big Easy Bucha website here.

I brought them home, and Rourke, Hayley, Auldon (Hayley’s beau), and I went to tasting.


Rourke really liked the “Bayou Berry.”  I liked the ginger and spice in the “Cajun Kick.”  I also loved the satsuma flavor in the “Streetcar Sipper.”  Hayley and Auldon liked the “Jazz Juice.”

They are actually really low in calories, only 30 in an 8 ounce glass.  They are very refreshing served cold.

There is a little caffeine.  In the black tea flavors, there is usually around 10-25 mg.  But in the green tea flavors, there is only around 2-3 mg. of caffeine.

There is also a little alcohol due to the fermentation process.  There is around .5 percent alcohol, which according to the FDA, is right on the legal line, separating booze from non-booze.  So, I am pretty sure you can drink and drive with this! 😉

Have you tried this new craze?  Let me know what you think!



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