One Month Anniversary Bar Cart


*This post is dedicated to Hayley.



Yay! I made it through one month of blogging.  What a fun, eye-opening experience it has been!  I never realized what is quite entailed in the process.  First, I had to learn how to use a laptop.  Then, I had to purchase a domain.  Then, the photography, that’s a whole other world in itself.  Editing photos, scheduling shoots, along with writing the posts.  Wow!  It has been one journey.  But, you know what, I have loved every minute of it.  I have always had a creative side, and I guess I just needed an outlet for that side of me.

I always ask people what their favorite post is, and most say, “A Date Night in Fairhope.”  I agree.  It was so fun to do, even though my husband was starving during all the picture taking.  And, he didn’t really want me to pick out his outfit.  But he was a real trooper that night.  We got beautiful pictures, ate great food, and really did have a wonderful date night!

I dedicate this post to Hayley, our daughter, because she has been instrumental in getting me started.  She has been patient with me and introduced me to this whole tech world in a very gentle, loving way.  She has also been my photographer and has assisted in my editing. Thank you Hayley!

A little update on Hayley….She has gone and gotten herself a big-girl job in the city in the fashion industry.  Rourke and I are so proud of her, but we sure will miss her!  She is moving to Dallas, where her brother, Erin, lives.  So we will have two excuses to go more to Dallas.  (My wheels are spinning on all the posts I can get in Dallas!:))

Thank you all for following and supporting me along the way!fullsizeoutput_11b5.jpegfullsizeoutput_11b6.jpeg




Bar cart details:  YAY sign,balloons, confetti, candy, vase,

DIY cocktail napkins (post to come), heirloom champagne glasses

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