Lettering Class with Paper Glaze


So if you are feeling down and need a pick-me-up, you must drop into The Paper Tulip in Shreveport, Louisiana.  It is fun and pink.  It will brighten anyone’s day.

My daughter, Hayley, told me about a lettering class they would be holding after hours by Paper Glaze.  Being a teacher, I love anything dealing with handwriting.  So, I signed up for the class, intrigued by what I would be learning to do.

When I first arrived, I was admiring the store and all of its fun merchandise. They carry Lilly Pulitzer and Sail to Sable clothing lines along with stationery and gifts.  They had received a new shipment from Sweet Caroline Designs.  She is from Shreveport and just started selling wholesale out of Atlanta.  Plus, Paper Glaze did a lot of handwriting for her notecards and planners.


The tables were decorated with a festive flare!


We were even offered yummy snacks and refreshments!


Well it was time to begin, so I found my spot.  It was laid with a clipboard with lots of different pages attached, a watercolor set, and three types of pens, all included in the price of the class (minus the clipboard.)


Shannan Inman is founder and creator of Paper Glaze.  She is so talented and creative.  She also holds traditional calligraphy classes.  She has a site on Etsy where she sells her scripture reading prints that are beautiful.

Shannan began the class by introducing us to the Tombow pen.  One end  is a pen and the other end is a brush.  They come in all kinds of colors.  Shannan had us practice using the brush side, making fine lines and thick lines.  It was harder than it looked.  She then taught us how to write the beautiful letters she makes.  We practiced on sheets provided.

Then, she drew out of a bag for a door prize giveaway.  I just love door prizes!  Unfortunately, my name was not drawn.

We then moved to the watercolors.  One of the pens was actually a brush with a vessel for water built in.  We were able to squirt water out of the brush to use watercolors.  Shannan taught us how to blend several colors of the same shade to make the words and to “shadow” the letters, like she did on my place card above.

We got to practice playing around with the different colors.  I felt like I was back in kindergarten.  It was so much fun!


I definitely needed to go home and practice!! But all in all, it was a great class!  I would highly recommend it!  Thank you Shannan!


My outfit details:  earrings, Lilly blouse and GiGi New York clutch all from The Paper Tulip.

For classes and more:  Paper Glaze information




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