“Booty Blast”- a fitness post


Mallorie is a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness on Ellerbe Road in Shreveport, Louisiana.  She is in such good shape for having three children all under the age of 6.  She is married to the love of her life, Brett, and they have three beautiful children, Brynleigh, 6, Brown, 3, and Olivia, almost 2.  (I was blessed to have sweet Brynleigh in my class last year!). I was asking Mallorie how I could fight Father Time and lift this butt of mine without undergoing plastic surgery.


She suggested some band exercises.


She suggested the following exercises using these bands.  She said she uses these at home when she can’t make it to the gym.  The bands have several different levels of resistance, and the exercises take about 20 minutes.  She recommends starting out doing around 12 reps of each exercise and then work up to 15 or 20.

  1. Hip Thrustfullsizeoutput_10ff.jpegStart by placing the band right above the knee.  With shoulders place on a coffee table or bench, toes pointed out, thrust up and squeeze gluten at the top and relax.fullsizeoutput_10ff
  2. Glute Bridgefullsizeoutput_1102.jpegfullsizeoutput_1101Place band just above knee, feet, head and shoulders on floor, lift butt up and knees outward, squeezing as hard as you can then relax.
  3. Kick Backsfullsizeoutput_1107.jpegfullsizeoutput_1108.jpegfullsizeoutput_1109.jpegStand tall and with band place just above ankles, kick one leg back and lift with hips squared and pulse for 3 seconds.  Repeat on other leg.  Mallorie said you could also work inner and outer thigh the same way but lifting to the side instead.  (That’s Max photobombing the pic!:))
  4. Wide Squat with a Pulsefullsizeoutput_110a.jpegPlace band right above knees with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart.  With core tight, squat and pulse 2-3 times, then push up to standing position.
  5. Wide Squat Side Stepfullsizeoutput_110d.jpegfullsizeoutput_110f.jpegfullsizeoutput_1112.jpegPlace band right above knees with feet a little closer than shoulder-width apart.  Drop butt back into a squat form, focusing the weight in the heels.  Keeping abs tight and chest up, step out with left leg and the pull in the right leg.  This was great doing down the hallway.  Repeat on the right leg.  (I knew I was going to be sore in the morning.)
  6. One Leg Gluten BridgeIMG_8626.JPGWith band right above the knee, place feet on a coffee table or bench with head and shoulders on the floor. With left leg in the air, lift butt up and squeeze and then relax.  Repeat on the right leg.

Q & A with Mallorie:

How did you lose the baby weight so quickly?

Breast feeding, HIIT (high intensity workouts) several times a week, a low-carb, high-protein diet, and added weights after 6 weeks.”

How long did you breastfeed?

“Our last child  for a few months.”

With three children, how do you keep it all together all of the time?

Exercise is my therapy.  It’s my ‘me time.'”

What kind of exercises would you suggest while on vacation?

Walk, bring bands, and plyometric workouts.”

What is your go-to workout playlist?

“Fast, upbeat pop music.”

How did you get started in personal training?

I actually went to school to be an RN.  I loved being at the bedside, caring for others, but once I started having children, there was no way I could hold down a full-time job.  I would be the worst employee.  Someone is always needing their momma.  I am sure a lot of you can relate.  After I had my second baby, I was over sitting at the house all day.  I love to work, so I decided to become a personal trainer almost 3 years ago.  I’ve loved every minute of it!”

Mallorie Buseick, personal trainer


Well Mallorie and I had a great time visiting and working out.  I hope these exercises can help when you are stuck at the house, on vacation or are short on time.



bands used


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