Ballard Designs Review


fullsizeoutput_1022.jpegIt was high-time we had a den redux! It has been 20 years since we got new furniture.  So, when Erin moved to Dallas, we donated some furniture to his new apartment and sold some to my friend, Allison, for her lake house.  Since I knew it would be 20 more years until we got new furniture again, I went high-end, high-quality, with much resistance from my husband. But in the end, he has been very pleased.  He gave me a budget to spend, and it did not go far.  I custom-ordered the new sofa and blue velvet club chair from a local design store.  And, then I was out of money….. But I NEEDED TWO MORE CHAIRS!!! Where was everyone going to sit?


Back in the fall, I updated my bedroom linens and accessorized with these pillows and bench from Ballard Designs.  I was impressed with the quality, look and feel of all three.


After I had ordered from Ballard Designs, they sent me emails with all kinds of deals.  After getting our tax refund, I got an email from them offering $50 off every $200 spent.  I had been wanting two swivel rockers from the design store we ordered the sofa from, but they cost as much as the sofa, EACH!  Well, Ballard had the same swivel rockers the design store had with many fabric options.  I could basically get the two chairs I wanted at a steal!!  So I ordered the blue cheetah swivel rockers.  They took about eight weeks to be made and shipped.  I love them and LIVE IN THEM!!!  I also ordered these blue IKAT accent pillows to tie in everything. ( If you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with IKAT and animal prints!!:))


( A little funny sidenote…. Rourke asked me one day, “Why do you punch down the pillows like that?”  I told them all the designers do that.  He looked at me quizzically.  Then one day when he was on Pinterest, he saw these pillows with the indentation and told me about it.  Now, when he makes the bed, HE punches the pillows down, too.  Cute!)

Every now and then, Rourke and I will be sitting in the den, and he will say, “I just love what you did in here!” After all the begging and pleading I did, I just smuggly smile and say “Thanks!”

I will definitely be ordering from Ballard Designs again.

Happy decorating!



Bedroom details: bench, leopard pillowblue velvet pillows

Den details:  IKAT pillowsswivel rockerssofa and club chair



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