Grilled Steak, Mastered


A few years ago, our family published a cookbook to help raise money for the Honduran Cookie Project mission.  Every family member was asked to submit their own favorite recipes, including the men.  Rourke had mastered a rub recipe that he used on steaks when grilling or even chicken and pork.  It added the best flavor to the steak.  It’s called “Rourke’s Rub!”


Over the years since publishing this, he has added sugar to the recipe.  He said it caramelizes on the meat, adding even more flavor.


We picked up some Nolan Ryan filets at Kroger, each weighing a little over half of a pound.  Rourke put his rub ingredients in the coffee grinder and whizzed away.  If you do not have a coffee grinder, you can use a food processor, mortar and pestle, or ziplock bag and rolling pin.  He liberally rubbed the mixture over both sides of the steaks, and let them come to room temperature.


He then proceeded to heat the grill to around 450 degrees.


Using this non-flammable spray, he applied it so the steaks wouldn’t stick or start a grease fire.  You can find it Home Depot or Lowe’s.


Next, he put steaks on the grill for five minutes, with lid closed.


After five minutes, he flipped them, closing the lid again.


He cooked them for five more minutes.  He uses a stopwatch on either his phone or watch to be precise.  After the five minutes is up, he puts the steaks on the top grill grate for two more minutes.


He brings them inside to rest for five minutes more.


Are you salivating yet?

We did a side of garlic-stuffed roasted potatoes, bacon-wrapped green beans and a glass of red wine.  I felt like I was at The Steakhouse!  The steak was sooo tender and full of flavor.  I always like to pour those juices that accumulate on the plate after the steaks rest.  Yummmm!



Bon Apetite’!



grill, non-flammable grill spray

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