Lavish Libations Series

Second Edition


Alright, we are at it again!  If you missed our First Edition of the Lavish Libations series, you can view it here.  Now for our latest unconventional movie night…

We went for a Sci-Fi film, Star Wars V:  The Empire Strikes Back with the accompanying drink, “The Emperor Likes Jack.”


Here’s what you need:


Basically, it’s an “adult” root beer float.  So if you want to make it a family-friendly movie night, just leave out the Jack!

At the end of the recipe page, Tim suggests, “May the heavy pour be with you!”  We took his advice and would NOT recommend it.  I would start out small and add more if you prefer it stronger.  It was way too strong! (See directions above.)

I found these precious mugs to serve it in.  It’s all about it looking great, too, right?  I cut an Icee straw from the Exxon into two to represent light sabers.

fullsizeoutput_10ca.jpegfullsizeoutput_10cb.jpegfullsizeoutput_10cc.jpegfullsizeoutput_10cdfullsizeoutput_10ce.jpegstar wars posterfullsizeoutput_10d1.jpegfullsizeoutput_10d2.jpeg

As far as the movie goes, there was definitely some sexual tension between Han and Leia!!  And gross, Leia kisses Luke, who she did not know was her brother at the time.

Apparently, John Ratzenberger, aka Cliff Clavin, the mailman from Cheers, was given a part as a major in the Rebel Forces.  This was two years before he was Cliff and fifteen years before being the voice of Ham in the Toy Story trilogy.

Yoda is a Jim Henson puppet.  George wanted Jim to be the voice of Yoda, but he was too busy at the time. So Frank Oz, Jim’s business partner, filled in.

And, I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I won’t tell you what horrible thing Luke finds out!!;)

*This post is dedicated to my own Jedi, Erin!!

May the Force be with you!




You can find mugs here.




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