At-home Gel Manicure


Before we went on our trip to the beach, I scheduled a mani-pedi.  I went for the traditional pedi, but I went for the gel nail for my mani.  Boy did I have sticker-shock when I rolled up to the check-out counter!  With tip, the mani-pedi costed $115!  Ouch!

About a year ago, I purchased this gel nail kit here from Ulta.  It was on sale at the time, but right now costs $79.99.  With a 20%-off coupon, that would make it $64, which is the cost of two salon gel manicures.  It would pay for itself after two uses.  I have gotten many, many uses out of this kit, and when something needs to be replaced, I can pick up the individual parts at Ulta.

The original kit came with three colors, but I have bought other colors to add to my kit as well.

To get the salon look at the fraction of the cost, follow these directions below.


First, trim and file your nails to your liking.  Soak in warm water for about five minutes.  Push cuticles back with the tool provided in the kit.  With a scrub brush and Dawn dishwashing liquid, scrub fingernails with warm water.  Dry with a towel.  Using a buffer or emery board,  file entire nail bed to make surface rough.  This helps the products adhere better. Now that you have prepped the nail, you are ready to apply products.

fullsizeoutput_1154.jpegfullsizeoutput_1156.jpegfullsizeoutput_1158.jpegfullsizeoutput_1157.jpegApply the “Prep” product to all of your nails.  This is not sticky and does not need to dry.


You will now want to get out these next three products to prevent messing up your nails during the process:  “Structure,” “Nail Color,” and “Brilliance.”


Starting with the “Structure” product, apply a thin layer to both of your thumbnails first. Try not to get on cuticle or skin around nail.


Plug in LED lamp.  Put both thumbs under light for 30 seconds.  The light will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.


Apply to right hand four fingers and place under light.

fullsizeoutput_115f.jpegfullsizeoutput_116c.jpegApply to left hand four fingers.  Place under light once more.


It is now time to apply the nail color.  Apply a thin coat of nail color to both thumbs.  Place under lamp for 45 seconds.


Just like before, apply nail color to the right four fingers, and place under lamp for 45 seconds.


Paint the left four fingers and place under lamp for 45 seconds.


Repeat this process with 1-2 more coats to achieve desired color.


Now it is time to apply the “Brilliance” product.  After this last process, your nails will not be wet or sticky.

Start with a thin coat on thumbs, followed by 45 seconds under the lamp.  Continue as before, on right four fingers, and then left four fingers.


The last step is to apply the “Revitalize” product by painting along the cuticle.  Rub this in.  They suggest you do this once a day.

Now you should have a manicure that lasts around 2 weeks!


Stay beautiful!



*I know you all are praying for our fellow Texans and our own Louisianaians!  If you would like to donate a quick $10 that will appear on your next phone bill,  text the words REDCROSS to 90999.  Every little bit helps!  

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