Sweat Society: a Fitness Post


Haley Bagwell of Sweat Society decided to give me a run for my money one afternoon at her super-clean, ultra-cute fitness boutique.


As the sign above suggests, she offers a variety of fitness classes, health coaching, wellness events, homeopathic supplements, juices, salads, and fitness clothes.IMG_9910.JPG

Haley, above, has been planning this now for about four years, and her dream has come to fruition. She has her degree in Psychology and Health Coaching.  She has always had a passion about nutrition and exercise and has been health coaching for 2 years now. IMG_9889.JPGIMG_9890.JPGIMG_9893.JPGIMG_9902.JPGIMG_9892.JPG

This is Haley’s dog, Harlow, photobombing.  Look at those eyes!IMG_9962.JPGIMG_9964.JPGIMG_9965.JPG

She carries athletic lines, Lorna Jane and Electric and Rose.  She also carries Moon Juice Company’s products, Moon Dust, Beauty Dust, Dream Dust and Power Dust, which claim to be “cosmic provisions” that nourish and beautify from the inside out.  You can put them in tea, coffee, and smoothies.

She also carries Satya Jewelry and Little Barn Apothecary’s organic skincare line.


She offers several different classes of yoga. One called “Hustle and Flow” caught my eye, because it is fast-paced power vinyasa yoga to hip-hop music.  She offers a 30 minute HIIT class, an hour Barre class and a 50 minute TRX class.

She showed me some tough moves on the TRX.  I don’t mind telling you, I was SORE for several days after this, and we only did around 10 minutes of it!IMG_9912.JPGIMG_9913.JPG

These are the TRX suspension training bands that really work your whole body.  For most of these next moves, Haley recommends 15-20 reps of each.

TRX Low RowIMG_9924.JPGIMG_9923.JPG

With your legs at a 45-degree angle on the floor, grab handles and pull up.


TRX Chest Press


Turn around and lean down with legs at 45-degree angle.  Push up.

TRX Power PullIMG_9935IMG_9936IMG_9937IMG_9938

Point one arm up, lean back and twist, bringing close to the ground.  Do both arms.


Place heels in the handle.  Lie down.  Lift hips and bring legs in and then push them back.

Hamstring RunnerIMG_9949IMG_9950

Same concept as the hamstring curl, just push each leg individually, as if you were slowly running.

Hip AbductorsIMG_9951.JPG

With your heels still in the handle, lift hips and spread legs hip-length apart. Close and open legs with hips lifted the whole time.

TRX PlankIMG_9952IMG_9953IMG_9954

Take your heel out of handle and replace with toes.  Flip over on the floor with your shoulders over you hands.  Hold as long as you can.

TRX CrunchIMG_9955.JPG

Still in a plank postion, bring knees to chest and then back for 1 rep.

TRX PikeIMG_9956.JPG

Get back in plank position and bring butt up in air to form an inverted v with your body.

 TRX Side Plank (This one was hard for me.  You can see where I crashed and burned.)IMG_9957IMG_9958IMG_9959

Go back to plank and turn to one side, stacking feet and resting on one forearm. The other arm is raised to the ceiling.


You need to go check Haley and her new place out!  If not to exercise, but to shop, smell how amazing it smells, and see how beautiful it is!IMG_9934.JPG



At-home TRX suspension trainer

Sweat Society website


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