The Cosmopolitan: A Review


Over the Labor Day weekend, Rourke and I ventured to Vegas.  We had been there once before, staying at the MGM, but we kept going back and forth to The Cosmopolitan to spend time with our friends who were staying there.  We fell in love with it and vowed that we would spend our next visit to Vegas at The Cosmopolitan.

I would describe the resort as sophisticated and elegant with an edge of frolic and fantasy!  Here’s a review of our stay….


I have to say from the time we popped out of our Uber from the airport until the time we checked out, the entire staff was very friendly and helpful.  Even in the elevator, the security guys made a conversation with us.  When we had a problem with something, it was handled immediately.  Rating from 1-10 for hospitality (10 being highest), I definitely give them a 10!IMG_0497.JPGBefore you go to The Cosmopolitan, I recommend you go to their website and sign up for their Identity Rewards.  Rourke and I both received 2 for 1 buffets just for signing up.  We also receive a pool bag filled with sunscreen, a nice beach towel, bottled water, a game, and tumbler!

If you shop, dine, gamble, go to the spa, etc., and sign it to your room, you earn points.  These points can redeemed for all the above.  You have to go to the Identity desk upon arrival and sign up.  They will give you a card to use.

Also, The Cosmo, as the locals call it, is a Marriott property, so I would sign up for their rewards, too, to earn Marriott points.  We were already members and earned points on dining and our stay.  The trick is to charge everything to your room.  I kept receipts to keep up with spending.IMG_0061.JPG

Our patio overlooking The Bellagio Fountains!


A very large bathroom with large shower and jacuzzi tub.  It had a large enclosed toilet area, too.IMG_0064.JPG

A den with blue sectional, mini kitchen and large flat-screen tv.IMG_0065.JPG

A very, very comfortable bed with another large flat-screen tv and a large closet with comfy robes .

The Cosmopolitan, from what we’ve heard from locals, was supposed to be all condominiums at first.  Something happened, changing it to a hotel, so all the rooms are suites…sweet!  Rating the rooms from 1-10, I give them a 10!

Okay, let’s talk about my favorite part:  THE VIEW!!IMG_0415.JPGIMG_0416.JPGIMG_0420.JPGIMG_0430.JPG

These pictures were taken from our balcony!  Between every 15 and 30 minutes, the bell from the tower to the above right would dong, and a new fountain show with a different song would go off.  I could spend the whole vacation right here on our balcony!!

Don’t worry, more pictures of the view coming!

Balcony View:  A 20!

Next, let’s talk pools. There are three pools:  the Boulevard Pool (our fave), the Chelsea Pool, and the Marquee Pool.  The Boulevard and Chelsea Pool are for guests only.  The Marquee Pool is for guests for no fee and for outsiders with a fee.  Each pool offers towels and free, fruited water, which we took high advantage of.IMG_0346

The Boulevard Pool. There are actually two pools.  This is one.IMG_0348.JPG

It had overlooking balconies with couches, tvs, etc.IMG_0349.JPG

This was the other pool with cabanas, also.IMG_0350.JPG

It has a 30 person jacuzzi that felt amazing!IMG_0347.JPG

There was the Overlooking Grill that had your basic sandwiches, salads, and soups.  There was also a pool shop with high-end sunglasses and swimwear.

Helpful hint:  We found out the first day that if you are not paying for a cabana, get there early to reserve your chairs!  They fill up fast!  BTW, cabanas come with a hefty price.  You have to email the staff to reserve, and they also go fast!IMG_0351.JPG

Next favorite pool is the Chelsea Pool below.IMG_0352.JPGIMG_0353.JPGIMG_0354.JPGIMG_0355.JPGIMG_0356IMG_0357.JPGIMG_0358.JPG

This pool had cabanas and covered chairs for a price, and like the Boulevard Pool, the freebie chairs go quickly.  There are two bars with food options, one on each end of the pool.   There are misters constantly going off on both the Boulevard Pool and the Chelsea Pool.  Also, with both pools, there are servers coming around to take your food and drink orders.

The Marquee Pool Day/Night Club was cray-cray!  Rourke and I went to see what it was all about, and there was more security than the White House.  When we finally got in, we went through the indoor stage, where Usher was going to be playing that night.  To the side of the stage was a station of IV’s where you could get fluids with Vitamin B and all kinds of other “keep-you-going” fluids.  After the indoor stage, we got to the outdoor pool with a stage of djs and dancers.  This place was PUMPING!  Apparently, we were the OLDEST PEOPLE THERE AND I FORGOT TO WEAR MY HEELS WITH MY BIKINI!  We left very shortly thereafter….

Rating for the pools:  8,  because of the chair situation, but everything else was top-notch!

Okay, let’s go back to the view, pleeeease????IMG_0508.JPGIMG_0509.JPGIMG_0510.JPGIMG_0511.JPGIMG_0512.JPGIMG_0513.JPGIMG_0514.JPGIMG_0515.JPGIMG_0516.JPGIMG_0517.JPGIMG_0522.JPGIMG_0524.JPG

Now for the restaurants…….

If you have never been to Vegas, I am hear to tell you, it is expensive.  Rourke was allowed one can of beer at the pool to the tune of $12.  I said, “It’s a sipper!”  I thought, “I could buy a six pack cheaper than that.”

Anyhoo, I was doing some research for our trip, and I discovered a little deal going on at The Cosmo call The Social Hour.  It is a chance to eat/drink cheaply at most of the restaurants in The Cosmo.

We took advantage and made it a nightly dining experience.  It was actually a lot of fun. Plus, we got to taste and try things from the different restaurants.

So, next time we know which restaurants we would like to make dinner reservations at.  And, to tell you the truth, I would make reservations at all of them!  They were all EXCELLENT!


We started out here.IMG_0075.JPGIMG_0074.JPGIMG_0077.JPG

On Holstein’s Social Hour menu was this peach martini.  Delish and refreshing!


We chose the sliders from their Social Hour menu.  Yummy!IMG_0466

After dinner on a separate occasion, we indulged in this adult milkshake called “Cookies and Cream!” It was over-the-top! (The only picture I had was a  little blurry, but I just had to share this with you!)IMG_0087.JPG

Next on the list was China Poblano.  It is half Mexican and half Chinese food.IMG_0089.JPGIMG_0090.JPGIMG_0091.JPGIMG_0095.JPGIMG_0096.JPG

We sat on the Chinese side of the restaurant but ordered from both sides. Josue, below, was very informative and congenial!IMG_0094.JPGWe started out with a michelada, which I had never had before.  It was not my favorite. IMG_0109.JPGJosue recommended two items from their Social Hour menu, Asian sticky wings and Refried Bean tacos.  Both were excellent!IMG_0115.JPGIMG_0114.JPG

We definitely both agreed that we would love to return and try each Chef’s Tasting Menu!IMG_0485.JPGIMG_0118.JPGIMG_0119.JPGIMG_0133.JPGIMG_0134.JPG

Our next stop was to Estiatorio Milos, a Greek restaurant.  This place was phenomenal!  I took pictures of our dishes, but the dim lighting made the pics do crazy things.

This place has fresh fish displayed to be chosen.  This is definitely a place I want to come back and delve into the menu with an empty stomach.

Kody, our server, was very gracious, and suggested the tuna tartar from their Social Hour menu and a glass of Greek, yes, I said Greek, wine.  Both were outstanding!


So, we have hit every international food fare except Italian.  That is what we hit up next.  IMG_0154.JPGIMG_0155.JPG

Nicole, our server, was excellent!  Per her suggestion, we chose the Duck & Foie Gras Ravioli from their Social Hour at Scarpetta with no regrets!  IMG_0160.JPGIMG_0271.JPG

With bellies full, we passed on The Rose Rabbit Lie Social Hour.  Hopefully, next time we will make it. The last time we were here in Vegas, we hung out there for awhile and listened to the band.  It has an Allison In Wonderland feel to it.  It is really cool.  Check it out here.


We finished the evening at STK.  We were not hungry but wanted a drink with a jolt.  So, we split an Espresso Martini.  It was really good and did the trick!IMG_0167.JPGIMG_0174.JPG

We decided to head back to the room and watch the view some more.  We are such losers!

We have another night of Social Hour menus next.  But, check out the  full Social Hours selections here!  


The next morning, we went in search of coffee.  They have several breakfast/coffee options.IMG_0266.JPG

Most had a line out the wazoo, but..we found this little hidden gem….IMG_0249.JPGIMG_0250.JPGIMG_0251.JPGIMG_0252.JPG

It was Va Bene.  Short lines, cheap, really good Italian coffee and pastries.  Plus, if you kept your cup and receipt, which we did, you could get unlimited refills for the whole day!!  We loved and used this option!

For brunch for two days, we used our two-for-one buffet comps we received at The Wicked Spoon.  I wish I had five stomachs when we ate here.  I wanted everything, but I told myself I had two days to do so….IMG_0272.JPGIMG_0273.JPGIMG_0274.JPGIMG_0279.JPGIMG_0280.JPGIMG_0281.JPGIMG_0282.JPG

My first trip to the Asian side.  I tried some things I’ve never had before….some I had.IMG_0283.JPGIMG_0307.JPGIMG_0308.JPGIMG_0310.JPGIMG_0312.JPGIMG_0313

This macaroni and cheese is to die for!  I had it both days, and I wanted to lick the bowl both times!IMG_0314.JPGIMG_0317.JPGIMG_0318.JPGIMG_0320.JPGIMG_0323.JPGIMG_0324.JPGIMG_0325.JPGIMG_0326.JPGIMG_0327IMG_0328IMG_0329.JPGIMG_0333.JPGIMG_0334.JPGIMG_0335.JPGIMG_0336.JPGIMG_0337.JPGIMG_0338.JPG

Well, after all that goodness, we waddled our way out the door and on our way to another adventure and another five pounds!

We started this night’s Social Hour at Momofuku.  IMG_0359.JPG

Dale, our server, was very amicable, also.  She recommended from the Social Hour menu a canned grapefruit champagne from Italy.  Very nice!IMG_0369.JPGAnd we decided to munch on their Pho Bun sliders, one with shrimp and one with pork belly.  Pretty darn tasty!IMG_0374.JPG

Chris, the sous chef, was talking to us as we watched them prep for dinner.  He was saying Momofuku originated in NYC, but became so popular, they expanded to other parts of the country.IMG_0377.JPGIMG_0360.JPGIMG_0364.JPG

Our next stop was to Jaleo, a Spanish restaurant.  Their Social Hour specialty drink was sangria, so we ordered one.  Then we feasted on their fried calamari with a squid-ink aoili.  Very interesting yet delicious!IMG_0381.JPGIMG_0384.JPGIMG_0385.JPGIMG_0395.JPGIMG_0396.JPGIMG_0399.JPG

What was so cool to watch was a man in the back of the restaurant making several different large pans of paella over a fire!IMG_0403.JPGIMG_0402.JPGIMG_0400.JPG

Next up was a new restaurant to The Cosmo without a Social Hour menu but with great reviews and pub.  We decided to try before heading to our show.  Zuma is a Japanese restaurant with three kitchens, a robata grill, a sushi kitchen, and a main kitchen.  The theme is authentic Japanese cuisine with a twist.  It was well-worth the full price we paid!IMG_0438.JPGIMG_0440.JPG

Robata grill below.IMG_0445.JPGIMG_0447.JPGIMG_0454.JPGIMG_0457.JPG

We sat at the sushi bar.IMG_0463.JPG

From the robata grill (above), beef with grilled shishito peppers and a chili soy.IMG_0464.JPG

Fried soft-shell crab roll called Watani Gani from the sushi kitchen.  Not pictured, black cod and prawn dumplings from the main kitchen.

We didn’t even touch on all the restaurants in The Cosmopolitan, so I guess we are going to have to go back…awww!(me being sarcastic)

For a cheap bite to eat, please do not miss The Secret Pizza from a hidden hallway in The Cosmo.  It is not advertised, so you have to ask someone where it is.  For about $5, you can get a large piece of very yummy pizza.  We discovered this place on our last visit, and we said it was a must before we left!!IMG_0505.JPG

I got the white pizza and Rourke got the Italian sausage.

Restaurants:  a 10!

As for bars, The Cosmo has some beautiful lounges.  Our all-time favorite has got to be The Chandelier Bar.  It is enclosed in the largest chandelier you will ever see.  It is gorgeous!IMG_0491.JPGIMG_0489.JPG

Other bars are Clique, Vesper, and Bond.  Bars, a 10!IMG_0492.JPGIMG_0494.JPGIMG_0496.JPGIMG_0495.JPGIMG_0502.JPGIMG_0501.JPG

There is shopping in The Cosmo, too!IMG_0478.JPGIMG_0480.JPGIMG_0483.JPGIMG_0482.JPG

You actually never have to leave this place.  They even have convenient stores housed on the first three flours for those little things you might have forgotten or run out of.IMG_0254.JPGIMG_0255.JPG

They also have these old-school cigarettes machines throughout the resort where you can buy a $5 piece of art to take home with you.IMG_0475.JPGIMG_0268.JPGIMG_0269.JPG

They have some great photos that represent old Vegas as you stroll through the resort.IMG_0409.JPGIMG_0407.JPGIMG_0340

And, you have to get your picture in one the shoes at two of the entrances before you leave!IMG_0226.JPGIMG_0434.JPG

All in all, I give this resort a 10!!!!  I really didn’t want to go home, and I can’t wait to come back!   Thank you Cosmopolitan!!

I will leave you with one more view!  Sorry;)IMG_0201.JPGIMG_0211.JPGIMG_0222.JPG



Explore more of The Cosmopolitan here.


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