My Favorite Bronzer


This is my all-time favorite bronzer and highlighter.  I discovered these two years ago at Patchoulis in Rosemary Beach.  Patchoulis is a woman’s dream:  a store of make-up, products, candles and comfy pjs.  This past trip I walked out of the store to a ton of men (including my husband) waiting for their wives to come out.  Funny!

Anyhoo, these last over a year and are made from bare minerals.  I love the fact that you can use some or all the colors included to add more color, highlight and contour.  They look so natural.  I wear sunscreen on my face every single day, so I don’t get sun on my face like I do on the rest of my body.  I use this to match my face to my neck.

It’s pricey, but like I said, it lasts over a year, and I use it every day!

Stay beautiful!



highlighter in 3 colors, bronzer

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