My Favorite Small Kitchen Tools

My Favorite Small Kitchen Tools


I love cooking and all the fun tools that go along with it. I am like a kid in a candy store when I am in a kitchen store.  I was so sad to see our local Kitchen Works close, so I have to go to Natchitoches to shop at the nearest one.  When I am in a big city, I love going to Williams and Sonoma.  It is like Santa and Christmas for me.

So I thought I would share some of my faves.  Going from left to right and top to bottom.
I can’t live with out my Microplane.  I grate garlic and lemons into vinegarettes almost daily.  I use it to grate Parmesan over my pasta.  So many good uses.
I love, love, love my sushi maker.  (Sushi making post to come.) It’s so fun to create my own creations from nori and rice.
This bamboo steamer is amazing, too.  You can steam dumplings, fish, really anything in it over a pan of water.  You can add herbs to the bottom layer while steaming to add extra flavor.
I have 2 of these silicone baking mats.  They make for easy cleanup and even baking, especially when it comes to cookies. On sale here!
These silicone tools are all so handy.  I love the smaller ones to get mayo or soup out of their containers. And, THEY ARE ON SALE NOW!  JUST CLICK THE SMALLER PIC ABOVE.
My knives are a must.  I use them probably more than anything.  We even invested in an electric sharpener to keep them sharp.  We paid a lot more for the nicer knives, but they have lasted us more than 15 years now.
We love to make pizzas at home.  I like putting the stone in the oven to get really hot before placing the pizza on it.  Then transferring is so easy with the accompanying paddle.
I drink lemon or lime in my water daily.  This tool helps with getting every drop out of the fruit.
When baking, this pad helps you roll out dough to desired pie plate or shape.  It’s easy to clean, too!
What tools can you not live without?  I would love to hear!

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