Lavish Lagniappe Lush Review


On a recent trip to NOLA, R and I were walking down Royal Street, window shopping like we usually do, when we stumbled upon one of MY FAVORITE PLACES!!!  LUSH!

If you are new to Lush, let me enlighten you.  If you are not new to Lush, let me enlighten you some more….


Just the smell of this place…AHHHH!  And the colors!!!!

If you know me, you know me as a beauty product junkie…. and this is a little bit of heaven for me!!!


My aunt gave me this for my birthday.  You pinch a very small piece off and place in your tub and when you get out, you are “sparkling!”IMG_0998.JPGIMG_0999.JPGIMG_1000

If I ever hit the jackpot, I would just buy the store.  I want one of everything.  Everything is all fresh handmade cosmetics, with recycled, bio-degradable containers.  All products are tested on volunteer humans, never animals.  AND, to top it off, if you bring in 4 empty containers, you get a FREE PRODUCT!!


One of my favorite things that they have are masks!  I use a different mask daily.  I always get their self-preserving masks so they don’t expire and I don’t have to refrigerate it.  Rourke and I both use these products and love them….But, they just started their JELLIED MASKS!  I am HOOKED!  IMG_1006.JPGIMG_1007.JPGIMG_1008.JPG

I swear by these two, oldies but goodies!  One is a clarifying and one is an age defier.IMG_1009.JPG

You are able and encouraged to try all products in the store.  In fact, you can get a sample of anything to take home to try.IMG_1010.JPG

They have every kind of soap you could imaging.  I got one this time with charcoal properties.  Apparently, charcoal is the hot new ingredient right now!IMG_1012.JPGIMG_1013.JPGIMG_1014.JPG

They have every product imaginable to target any issue you might have.  Body lotions, hair product, makeup, perfumes and even mouth care!IMG_1015.JPGIMG_1016.JPG

If you need a quick gift for a friend, they have wrapped boxes with great products for any age or taste!IMG_1017.JPG

I could spend hours in here…but my hubby is hindering me!:(IMG_1018.JPGIMG_1019.JPGIMG_1020.JPGIMG_1021.JPGIMG_1024.JPGIMG_1025.JPG

Here are some of my favorites so far…..

  1. The new jelly masks:  Bunny Moon,soothes skin with honey, rose and vanilla. Just To Clarify,provides a luminous glow with bamboo and papaya. The Birth of Venus,revitalizes skin using fresh sea water and rose infusion.
  2. The new soap:  Magic Wand,detoxifies skin using pomegranate and charcoal.
  3. Exfoliants:  Ocean Salt,a full-body scrub Rourke and I use several times a week. Buffy,is bar you rub all over with ground almonds and Shea butter for moisturizing.  Love this!!
  4. Other masks:  Mask of Magnamity,is their best-selling that leaves a tingling minty feeling.  Cup of Coffee,wakes up skin with coffee among other ingredients and cleans pores.
  5. Lip products: They have several flavors of lip scrubs here.I like Mint Julep.
  6. Nail products:  Lemony Flutter is awesome for cuticles, hands and feet!
  7. Shave products:  D’fluff shaving cream.
  8. Stuff I would love to try:  No Drought dry shampoo, Volcano Foot Mask, Pumice Power, a foot exfoliant/scrub, Scrubee, body butter!

I could on and on.  And, when there is “self-preserving” choice in products, I always choose this.  The other choice has an expiration date.

Here  are some of their other new products.

Stay beautiful!



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