Nine Pieces: Four Outfits!


I was inspired to write this post thinking about our trip to Paris (posts, plural, to come soon.) If I could do it all over again, I would only pack a carry-on and pack less.  We almost lost a connecting flight, waiting on our luggage.  Then got tagged at customs and had to wait for Rourke to be checked out.  Plus, dragging those big bags all over Paris was a WORKOUT!!  They are short on elevators and escalators there!

Luckily, we had a washing machine in the flat we were staying at and these looks would definitely work.  Plus, if you are going in October like we did, you do not sweat, and probably could get away wearing an item twice.  Or you could hand wash if necessary and hang dry.

Anyhoo, here are two dressier looks and two casual looks.  I am using two pair of pants, a menswear-style blouse (on sale now), a skinny scarf, red heels, tennis shoes, a transitional handbag, my standard cuff and earrings.  Check it out!IMG_1232.JPGIMG_1233.JPGIMG_1235.JPGIMG_1237.JPGIMG_1238.JPG

Okay here above is a dressier look.  I tied my skinny scarf around my handbag, leaving the long strap off of the bag.  Added heels and earrings to my cropped, wide-legged pants.IMG_1240.JPGIMG_1243.JPGIMG_1244.JPGHere is a casual look.  I added the strap to the handbag to make it a cross body.  I wrapped the skinny scarf around my wrist.  And, I traded out heels for tennis shoes.IMG_1248.JPGIMG_1249.JPGIMG_1250.JPGIMG_1251.JPGIMG_1253.JPGIMG_1254.JPG

Here I made it a dressy-casual look by pairing heels with distressed jeans.  I tied the skinny scarf around my neck and took the strap off of my handbag.IMG_1255.JPGIMG_1257.JPGIMG_1258.JPGIMG_1259.JPGIMG_1260.JPGIMG_1262.JPGIMG_1263.JPGIMG_1264.JPGIMG_1265.JPGIMG_1266.JPGIMG_1267.JPG

For this last look, I went back to another casual look.  I tied the skinny scarf around a ponytail.  I added the strap to the handbag and added sneakers to the distressed jeans.

I hope this helps you packing for your next trip, especially overseas!



Outfit details: blouse, go down a size, comes in black and white, too//earrings on sale now //similar cropped pants on sale here//and here//jeans//similar jeans but wayyy cheaper here//skinny scarf//similar pumps here//sneakers//similar handbag here

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