Grocery Store Hacks


Let me preface this post with a little history.  I come from a line of cooks, and not just any ordinary cooks, GREAT COOKS!  Three-meals-a-day from scratch cooks!  This being said, I try to make everything homemade as much as possible.  It always tastes better fresh!

As I have gotten older and wiser, I have found some products out there that, in a pinch, are high-quality and almost like homemade.


I hope my brother-in-law,who works for Hershey, does not see this, but this is my go-to cookie when you don’t have time or energy to bake from scratch.  IMG_0645.JPGIMG_0649.JPG

I melt butter in a pie plate in the oven while it is pre-heating.  I roll both sides of each these biscuits in the butter before baking according to instructions.  Pretty good stuff right there!IMG_0642.JPG

For rolls, you can’t go wrong these.  IMG_0650.JPG

For a big pot of rice, I always use Uncle Ben’s Original.  I think it comes out the best, especially when you follow the package instructions.IMG_0651.JPG

They also have these microwaveable products that come in several flavors. They are great when you are trying to pull a quick dinner together.  Grab a deli rotisserie chicken, this, and a salad kit in a bag.  Dinner–DONE!IMG_0652.JPG

I usually make my own marinara, recipe post here.  But this marinara is pretty tasty.  It comes in several flavors, also.IMG_0654IMG_0655.JPG

Again, I usually make my own salad dressings, but I have found Newman’s Own has pretty good, consistent products.IMG_0656.JPGIMG_0657.JPGIMG_0658.JPGIMG_0659.JPG

This next segment is about cost-cutting.  With two in college, you get pretty creative and resourceful to save a buck.

I am heading to Sam’s Club to show you a few tricks I found work for us.  (We do not have a Costco here, but you could probably apply these there, too.)IMG_0696.JPG

Rourke feeds the birds everyday at our house, and that can add up.  You can’t beat the price of this 40 pound of birdseed that the birds really seem to enjoy.IMG_0697.JPG

That’s less 50 cents per pound!IMG_0698.JPG

Wine is the cheapest at Sam’s.  This bottle of Kim Crawford is usually $15 most places, but was $11.99 at Sam’s.IMG_0702.JPG

You usually pay $54 for a bottle of this Veuve, but look, it’s only $49.98 here.IMG_0704.JPG

Let’s talk meat!  We buy this beef tenderloin, which costs around $75 for almost 7 pounds.  We cut our own steaks and put in freezer bags to be frozen.  If I were to buy an individual steak from the grocery store, I will usually have to pay between $15-$25 per pound.  Here, I am paying around $10 a pound!IMG_0706.JPGIMG_0707.JPG

We do this same technique with pork tenderloins….IMG_0708.JPGIMG_0709.JPG

Fish filets…..IMG_0710.JPGIMG_0711.JPG

And, ground beef!

I hate to keep repeating myself, but I usually make my own pizza dough (recipe post here, too.). But if you go to the deli section, you can buy a case of 14 pizza dough rounds for around $1 a piece.  Put them in the freezer, and when you want pizza pull it out!IMG_0712.JPG

Some other things I buy are things I KNOW WE WILL USE!  So many times I succumbed and bought some case of chocolate-covered peanut mounds that ends up going bad because we are SO SICK OF IT ALREADY!

I will buy paper towels, milk, toilet paper, coffee, trash bags and dog food.  I also like to stock up on these things with the Prime Pantry Sale goes on at Amazon.

One of the perks of stopping at “The Club” is getting a cheap meal while there.  Not only do they have free food samples throughout the store, but the deli has great deals, too!


You can get an all-beef hot dog and refillable drink of your choice for only $1.50!  Or, a huge slice of your favorite pizza and a refillable drink for around $2.50.  That’s cheap and filling, too!

I hope I have helped save you some time, money and energy!

What are some of your hacks?  I would love to hear from you!




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