Three Days in New Orleans


We like to travel down to NOLA once or twice a year.  We love this city so much!  We have done all the touristy places and not-so-touristy places.  We like to go back to our favorites, but then we like to try new places, too.  That’s what we did on this trip!


We got into town around 1:30 and headed to the “New Freret,” the locals are calling it.  It’s near Tulane University and is becoming a popular venue for restaurants, shops, coffee houses and speakeasies.  We wanted to eat a little on the heavier side, since we were eating so late for lunch.  We headed to The Company Burger for just that!IMG_0934.JPGIMG_0927.JPGIMG_0919.JPGIMG_0920.JPGIMG_0918.JPG

I loved the Mayo Bar!IMG_0913.JPGIMG_0928.JPG

I had the turkey burger with sweet potato waffle fries.  Rourke had the Company Burger, with double patties.  Both were delish!IMG_0931.JPGIMG_0932.JPG

Mine, above, came with arugula (love this) and a basil mayo (love this even more!)

Stuffed, we headed to the Quarter to check into one of our favorite hotels, Hotel Monteleone.IMG_0941.JPGIMG_0943.JPGIMG_0944.JPG

The hotel is a historical landmark, starting its business in 1886. It is old but timeless.  It has the famous rotating, Carousel Bar (below), adjacent to the lobby.  It has a rooftop pool, spa, excercise facility, in-house restaurant, and meeting rooms.  IMG_0948

After getting settled in, we took the streetcar down St. Charles Avenue to The Columns Hotel for a happy hour cocktail and appetizers.IMG_0954.JPGIMG_0953.JPGThen we went back to one of our new favorites, The Hot Tin Roof bar at the top of recently-remodeled Pontchartrain Hotel.  It’s open-air, overlooking the downtown skyline.  It has great wine and craft cocktail selections.IMG_0961.JPGIMG_0968.JPG

We then took an Uber down to Tchoupitoulas to The Tchoup Yard.  This is an open-air area with live music, food trucks, tv’s WITH FOOTBALL (that’s all I had to say to get hubby on-board), tables, couches, hanging lights, bar stations, etc.  Lots of fun.  We had a sandwich from one of the vendors then headed back to the hotel. Great night in NOLA with great friends!

The next morning, we slept in, for us…8 o’clock!  We got coffee and a cheap breakfast. Rourke said, “Only one restaurant with white tablecloths allowed.”   Headed out for a walk down Royal Street, one of our faves for window-shopping and art-admiring.   We were to meet our friends in the CBD for lunch (no white tablecloths but close) , so mosy-ed our way in that direction, with a side-stop at Shoppes at Canal Place.  I was allowed four stores!!  Of course, I hit Anthropologie, J. crew, Lululemon, and Saks!  I bought nothing to the advice of you-know-who!

We finally got to our lunch destination…..IMG_1027.JPGIMG_1028.JPG

It’s an Asian-fusion restaurant from one of the newest, hyped chefs, Mike Gulotta. We enjoyed ourselves immensely!  Our server was very helpful and enthusiastic.  The kitchen kept sending out extra samplings for us to try.  And, the food was amazing!IMG_1032.JPGIMG_1036.JPGIMG_1037.JPGIMG_1038.JPGIMG_1040.JPGIMG_1042.JPGIMG_1043.JPGIMG_1044.JPG

STUFFED,  what do you do???? You head to Magazine Street for cheese!  What?  We are pure gluttons!  I’m back on my clean-eating starting Monday, I promise!IMG_1061.JPG

This place is our oldie but goodie.  They serve cheese boards, sandwiches, and much more.  Love the simplicity of the place and their love of CHEESE!IMG_1046.JPG

One of my faves here…IMG_1047.JPG


and here!IMG_1048.JPGIMG_1063.JPG

Fun times with some great friends!!!!!!!

The next morning we hit another, not oldie, but newbie for maybe a lot of ya’ll, but goodie…..St. Roch Market!! It’s in the Bywater district, which is getting a facelift now…new streetcars, new streets, hotels, etc.  We went here a year ago and was just starting up.  We went for brunch on our way out of town, and we could hardly find a table…IMG_1066.JPG

You can get just about anything your heart desires hear to eat.   IMG_1068.JPGIMG_1069.JPGIMG_1064.JPGIMG_1065.JPGIMG_1072.JPGIMG_1073.JPGIMG_1074.JPGIMG_1075.JPGIMG_1077.JPG

I got their ceviche to go and it was AMAZING!  The last time we were here I ate their oysters.  If you are an oyster fan,  GOT TO TRY THIS PLACE!IMG_1078.JPGIMG_1079.JPGIMG_1080.JPGIMG_1085.JPG

They have gifts! (pic above).IMG_1088.JPG

They have cocktails.  They have a cocktail hour. And teachers get a discount!!!! YAY!IMG_1090.JPGIMG_1091.JPGIMG_1092.JPGIMG_1086

Got Brownie Points for finding a place to watch The Saints Game!!!!!! And, believe it or not, THEY WON!!!!!  Great ride home to the Port…Happy Hubby!!!

Can’t wait to get back the The Big Easy!



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