No Equipment Needed: A Fitness Post



I remember when the kids were little, and one was napping and one was playing in his room.  I just needed to get a quick workout fit in somehow.  I did’t have time to pack them all up and go to the gym, plus one was asleep.  I definitely wasn’t waking her up.  Or, if Rourke was home to watch them, it was either too hot to go outside or raining.

Okay, I am giving away my age saying their was no internet to find workouts back then.  I just had VHS tapes that were okay, but looking back, I was looking for more of a challenge.

This is what I wish I had back then.  It is an all–over workout, using no equipment, that can be adjusted to your fitness level.  You will be using your own body weight to strength-train and condition your body.

I advise trying to do each exercise for at least a minute, working up to 90 seconds or more.  I have included a list of cardio moves to blast up your heart rate in between each exercise.  You will burn in 15 minutes more calories than running on the treadmill for an hour.

So here’s how it goes….Get your Bluetooth or whatever speaker out.  Download some playlists here.  Get on your stretchy pants (don’t have to look good, we are at home not the gym).  Get your phone and turn on the timer.  We are going to do each strength exercise for 1 minute then do one of the cardio exercises listed at the bottom for a minute.  Go through once and you have spent about 30 minutes burning around 400-600 calories (research here).


Push-ups:  you can do on your knees, feet or on an incline for a real challenge.  You will move your arms and hands to work different parts of your arms.

Traditional push-upIMG_1673.JPGIMG_1672.JPGIMG_1674.JPGIMG_1675IMG_1676.JPG


Do a cardio exercise here.

Now spread your arms out wider and do your push-up.IMG_1679IMG_1680.JPG

Again, these can be done on knees or incline, too.  Enter cardio exercise here.

Now put your hands together and make a triangle with your fingers.  This is going to work those triceps that wave to all your friends.  IMG_1682.JPGIMG_1685.JPG

Do one minute of a cardio exercise here.


Plank Variations:

Basic Plank on forearms-remember to suck in and squeeze core to get the most out of this.IMG_1686.JPG

Do a cardio exercise.

Basic plank-try to hold it a little bit longer each time you do this.  This is great for your whole body.  Strengthens back, legs, arms, core, everything.IMG_1688.JPG


Bird Dog PlankIMG_1690.JPGOne arm up and opposite leg up.  These are a balancing act.  You could do 30 seconds on one side and 30 seconds on the other.  Then you could work up to a minute on both with cardio in between. (As I am looking at this picture, my butt needs to be down some more.  You want a diagonal shape from head to toe.)




Side plank with leg liftIMG_1693.JPG


Reverse PlankIMG_1694.JPG


Plank with shoulder tapsIMG_1697.JPGIMG_1698.JPGIMG_1699.JPGTry to keep core still doing this.  Try not to rock from side to side.  This is what is going to build your core.




Sit with your back against a wall.  Lift left leg up for 30 seconds without touching ground.  Then right leg.  These will have your thighs barking!  But they will be looking so good!IMG_1700.JPGIMG_1701.JPGIMG_1702.JPG


Now lift up left leg and spread out for 30 seconds.  Then right leg.IMG_1703.JPG



Hamstrings and glutes:

Lunge Taps-Do a backward lunge on right leg and tap floor.  Do this for 1 minute then switch to left leg and do for another minute.IMG_1706.JPGIMG_1707.JPGIMG_1708.JPGIMG_1709.JPG

Now instead of doing cardio in between exercises here, we are going to step this exercise up two notches.

First, on left side, lunge and lift knee up for a minute. Then do on right.IMG_1712.JPGIMG_1713.JPGIMG_1714.JPGIMG_1715.JPG

Now, you will lunge, lift knee up and jump while knee is up in the air.  Do this for 1 minute on each side.  If you are using one of the playlists I used above, this should be pretty fast and your heart rate should be up by now.

Inner Thighs and Calves:

Plie’ Squats – with toes pointed out, do deep squats for 1 minute.  Get as low as you can.  IMG_1719IMG_1720.JPG


Plie’ Lunges With Calf Raises- with toes pointed out do a  deep squat with left foot raised, then right for 1 minute.IMG_1723.JPGIMG_1724.JPG



Leg Lifts -Lie down on your back and bend your left leg, getting your foot as close as you can to your butt.  Lift your right leg, pushing your left foot into the ground, squeezing your gluten each time.  Do for 1 minute and switch.  These seem simple, but you will feel them the next day!IMG_1727.JPGIMG_1728.JPG

Cool down by stepping side to side or walking around the house.

Make to sure to stretch all muscles used.  Great help here.


  • Flys
  • 180 degree flips
  • Mountain climbers
  • Skating
  • Skipping
  • Jumping rope
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Jog in place
  • Burpees
  • Hop-scotch jumps
  • Jumps forward and back
  • Jumps side to side
  • Shuffle across the floor
  • Jump shots
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Bear crawl
  • Bear crawl with a burpee
  • One-legged burpee
  • Cartwheels
  • Tucks
  • Sprints
  • Suicides
  • Jumping over something
  • Charlestons

I hope you get a good workout out of this.  I use this often when I either don’t feel like going to the gym, can’t go to the gym for whatever reason, or just want to watch Kathie Lee and Hoda during my holiday breaks!









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