Kristin Ess Hair Product Review


Hayley introduced me to this new hair line at Target.  You can read more about it here.

I thought I would try the line and see how it went.  Here’s what I ordered….fullsizeoutput_1899fullsizeoutput_189afullsizeoutput_189bShampoo, conditioner, working serum, thickening spray, volumizing mousse, mask and dry shampoo.

I first used the mask, liberally applying and leaving on while I cleaned the house, approximately an hour and a half. ( No, I did not finish cleaning the house.  I am not a magician.  Cleaning to be continued.)

I then shampooed my hair and applied conditioner.  I left on for about five minutes and then rinsed.

I put my towel in my hair for about 20 minutes to dry.  I next rubbed a pea-sized amount of serum in my hands and applied to my ends.  I then sprayed my entire head, from end to root with the thickening spray.  I sprayed a golf-sized dollop of mousse into my hand and applied to my roots.

I turned my head over and blow-dried my hair upside down for a few minutes.  Then using a round brush, I blow-dried sections of my hair.  I ended with a shot of cold air from dryer all over my head.  I lastly applied another pea-sized amount of serum to the ends of my hair and straightened.

Here is day 1:IMG_1659

The next day I used the dry shampoo by lifting sections of hair up and spraying at the root. I did the whole head and then pat down each section with my hand, according to the directions.  I styled as usual.

Here is day 2:IMG_1660.JPGIMG_1662It lost a little of the volume, but I still liked how it looked and felt.

On day 3,  I repeated what I did on Day 2.

Here is day 3…IMG_1665.JPG

Not bad!

Okay I hope I don’t gross you out, but I’ve got to be true to my readers, so I decided to go one more day.  I repeated what I did on Day 2 and 3.  Here goes…

Day 4!IMG_1670.JPG

I’m pretty impressed!

I really, really love this dry shampoo.  And, for the price, I like this whole line to tell you the truth!

Stay beautiful!



Kristin Ess products

P.S. I will keep you updated on the shape of my hair as I keep using these products…

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