NOLA: Another Three Days, But the Healthy Way?!?

IMG_1769I know I just recently posted a NOLA trip…..But, fortunately, I got the opportunity to travel again to New Orleans.  It seems every trip I take a trip to the Big Easy, I bring back 5 pounds of souvenirs on my backside!  This time, I swore to myself that I was going to indulge in more healthy, but tasty eats.  Plus add a little more activity to the trip!

Travelling down, we tried to avoid 5 o’clock traffic in Baton Rouge by taking a pit stop at one of our favorites for dinner, Tsunami.  It is on top of The Shaw Center, which also houses the LSU Museum of Art and the Manship Theatre.  And, it sits right next to the Old Capitol Building.  It is right on the Mississippi River, which has amazing views, especially if you venture out to their outside terrace.  It was raining when we were there, so we avoided the terrace.  But you can see here.

We shared three rolls, and since we were there early, they were all 25% off!  Our bill was only $25!!  They also have a great happy hour, too!IMG_1756.JPGIMG_1759.JPGIMG_1761.JPGIMG_1762.JPGOld Capitol BuildingIMG_1758.JPGIMG_1757.JPGIMG_1733.JPGIMG_1734.JPGIMG_1735.JPGIMG_1736.JPGIMG_1738.JPGIMG_1741.JPGIMG_1745.JPGIMG_1746.JPGIf you are not a sushi fan, they have several other options below.  But if you ARE A SUSHI FAN, you have soooo many options.  Everything is so delicious and fresh!IMG_1751.JPGIMG_1749.JPGIMG_1754.JPG

Check \/ on one healthy meal!

The next morning my mom picked me up at the hotel and we headed to Bayou St. John for some paddle board fun.IMG_1767.JPGIt’s at the end of Esplanade right in front of City Park. We used Jeff, with Nola Paddleboards, and boy are we glad we did!  Jeff was very informative and patient with us old gals.  He helped us with the windy conditions and made it a very enjoyable experience.IMG_1769.JPGBefore pics (in case we fell in ;))!IMG_1766.JPGIMG_1764.JPGThe day was a perfect temp at around 80 degrees, but it was a little windy.  IMG_5071.JPGIMG_5072I was so proud of my mom for getting up and staying up! We had a blast and burned some calories before our yummy, healthy lunch.IMG_1772.JPGAfter pics. Yay, we are still dry!

*Jeff says people actually do yoga on the paddle boards…What????

We got cleaned up and headed to Magazine Street for lunch.  IMG_1839.JPGRemember this is supposed to be a healthy trip but I am not giving up on flavors.  Oh no! So, I thought we would try Shaya.  R and I ate here in the spring and loved it!!  It is Israeli cuisine that is out-of-this-world!  You definitely will need to make reservations.IMG_1840.JPGIMG_1841.JPGIMG_1843.JPGMom and I started with the mushroom hummus and freshly baked pita bread out of their brick oven.IMG_1853.JPGIMG_1854.JPGIt was AMAZING!  We were licking the plate, using our spoon to be somewhat dignified.IMG_1844.JPGWe decided to try five of the Salatim plates.IMG_1859.JPGIMG_1860.JPGIMG_1861.JPG

It was so delicious and fun to try all of the different flavors melded together.

The place is light and airy with an outdoor patio option, also.IMG_1845.JPGIMG_1857.JPGIMG_1858.JPG

You’ve got to try this place!

Mom dropped me off at the hotel for some R&R and headed back home.  Rourke and I googled happy hour menus within walking distance of our hotel and found Domenica just up the street in the Roosevelt Hotel. I was looking closely at the menu, to make sure it had some healthier choices, and I noticed Chef Alon Shaya from Shaya was the chef.  Twice in one day!  Lucky me!

So we hiked up the street a few blocks, more exercise, and strolled into the beautiful icon, The Roosevelt Hotel. You feel like you stepped back in time when you walk through the doors.IMG_1868.JPGIMG_1869IMG_1885.JPGThen for Domenica.  It is to the left on the first floor.  IMG_1872.JPGIMG_1873.JPGIMG_1874.JPGFor happy hour, they have half-priced pizzas and drinks, including beer and wine.  We chose the “Proscuitto” pizza, with mozzarella, prosciutto, basil, tomato and arugula.  We added a glass of wine for me, which was delicious, and a pale ale for Rourke.IMG_1879.JPGIMG_1883.JPGFor the price, we had a delicious, light yet healthy meal. Great meal and deal!

For exercise, the next morning I ran on the treadmill and took the stairs.

I met my BFF for lunch.  We walked to burn more calories.  We had the most fantastic meal at Compere Lapin on Tchoupitoulas.IMG_5077.JPGIMG_5080.JPGIMG_5082.JPGIMG_5084.JPGIMG_5085.JPGIMG_5086.JPGIMG_5087.JPGIMG_5090.JPGWe had a glass of a wonderful French Sancerre along with these complimentary biscuits and sugared butter.  OMG!  I know this is not part of the healthy theme, but I couldn’t refuse and boy were they worth the calories!  You’ve got to pick your battles, right?IMG_5093.JPGIMG_5099.JPGWe then told the waiter that we were trying to eat healthy.  For a starter, he recommended the shrimp ceviche in a jalapeño jus. For the main course, he recommended the drum with fennel, apple and collard greens or the butternut squash gnocchi (made in house) with pumpkin seed granola.  He also recommended a side of roasted Brussel sprouts. Of course, we ordered it all and loved every bite!!IMG_5103.JPGIMG_5105.JPGIMG_5107.JPGIMG_5106.JPGIMG_5092.JPGWe enjoyed our time together along with the food.  Got a cup of Joe and headed to Canal Place for some shopping.  We did more walking, burning that biscuit off.

For dinner, R and I walked up to Poydras and hit Johnny Sanchez for some tacos.  This restaurant is a corroboration between Aaron Sanchez and John Besh.  It is very casual like my hubby likes.IMG_1895.JPGIMG_1896.JPGIMG_1897.JPGIMG_1898.JPGIMG_1899.JPGIMG_1900.JPGIMG_1901.JPGIMG_1903.JPGIMG_1904.JPGIMG_1906.JPGIMG_1907.JPGIMG_1908.JPGAs you can see from above, they have a great happy hour menu.  They send out complimentary salsa with plantain and tortilla chips.  Each taco has an amazing combination of different flavors.

The next day before heading home, we ordered a healthy breakfast from the room service menu so we could watch “Game Day.”  Then I headed to Magazine Street for some yoga at Reyn Studios in the Warehouse District.IMG_1927.JPGIMG_1928IMG_1929.JPGIMG_1930.JPGIMG_1931.JPGIMG_1932.JPGThe downstairs area of the studio with complimentary teas and water, plus some shopping.fullsizeoutput_1b83.jpegIMG_1934Upstairs studio with cubby area to store your stuff.

I did an hour and fifteen minute vinyasa class which was very challenging but thorough. I walked away sweating my tail off and felt like a new person!  I would highly recommend this studio to anyone.  The yogi gave accommodations for those new to yoga. Not intimidating at all.

We headed home after this…..


I felt much better after this trip to one of my favorite cities!  I had a great time moving and eating healthier!

And, if I had more time I would have loved to do this!















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