Blue and White Thanksgiving Tablescape


Well if you haven’t toured Our Home, let me tell you, I love blue, Ikat and animal prints.  So I wanted to incorporate blue into my Thanksgiving table setting.

Here I used my blue-rimmed everyday china layered on top with my hunting dogs Spode china.  I used heirloom, gold-rimmed glasses with a blue placemat holding everything together.  Excuse the lack of flatware, but I ordered a gold-colored stainless that has not yet arrived.

For table decorations, I used small white pumpkins, small white votives, and a blue and white floral arrangement.

I spray painted some leaves in the yard to be used as place cards.  I wrote names in Sharpie.


For the floral arrangement:

I used 3 blue hydrangeas, a bunch of white roses, purple-blue irises, and green hypericum. I started with the hydrangea. I stood the hydrangea next to the vase I was using to see where to cut.  I placed these in first to anchor the arrangement.  Next I cut the roses the same way and filled in between the hydrangeas.  I continued onto the hypericum, doing the same as the roses.  For the irises, I trimmed a little taller than the vase, and poked them in all around the arrangement.

I loved these tips on staying sane when hosting Thanksgiving.

How are you decorating for Thanksgiving?  Are you hosting?  Let me know your plans!




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