St. Francisville: A Quaint Little Town


Mom and I spent a day recently in St. Francisville.  Located approximately 30 miles from Baton Rouge and right on the banks of the Mississippi River, this town began its start back in 1809.  Not only being full of history, this quaint little town is full of beauty and interests for all! IMG_2246.JPG

We began our day at The Myrtles Plantation.  It is known for being “haunted” and is chock-full of Spanish Moss, live oaks and cypress knees.  You can stay in the house or in cabins in the back of the house.  The restaurant is currently being renovated, but you can tour the house and shop in the General Store.IMG_2248.JPGIMG_2250.JPGIMG_2251.JPGIMG_2252.JPGIMG_2253.JPGIMG_2254.JPGIMG_2260.JPGIMG_2262.JPGIMG_2263.JPG

The General Store was full of gifts made only in Louisiana.IMG_2300.JPGIMG_2301.JPGIMG_2302.JPGIMG_2305IMG_2306.JPGIMG_2309.JPGIMG_2269.JPGIMG_2285IMG_2290.JPG

One of the cabins available to reserve.

We next decided to do some shopping.  St. Francisville has several unique shops.  We hit our favorites before eating some lunch.


Hillcrest has little bit of everything, from kitchen tools to toys to garden gifts.


The Shanty Too has unique gifts and homemade candy!


My all-time two favorites are Sage Hill and Grandmother’s Buttons!IMG_2374.JPGIMG_2375.JPGIMG_2376.JPGIMG_2377.JPGIMG_2378.JPGIMG_2379.JPGIMG_2380.JPG

Sage Hill has gifts, decor, and custom-ordered furniture.IMG_2342.JPGIMG_2343.JPGIMG_2344.JPGIMG_2345.JPGIMG_2346.JPGIMG_2347.JPGIMG_2348.JPGIMG_2349.JPGIMG_2350.JPGIMG_2351.JPGIMG_2352.JPGIMG_2353.JPGIMG_2354.JPGIMG_2355.JPGIMG_2356.JPGIMG_2357.JPGIMG_2358.JPGIMG_2359.JPGIMG_2360.JPG

Grandmother’s Buttons is situated inside the town’s old bank building and houses ladies’ fashion, gifts, toys, jewelry and a collection of antique buttons.

Before heading for lunch, we went to Rosedown Plantation, a 371 acre plantation with a large antebellum home, gardens and beautiful live oak trees.IMG_2393.JPGIMG_2392IMG_2394.JPGIMG_2391IMG_2395.JPG

Working up an appetite from shopping and touring, we decided on some lunch.  We had to chose from two of our favorites, the Magnolia Cafe and The Francis Southern Table and Bar.

Magnolia Cafe is open daily for lunch and Thursday-Saturday for dinner with live music. The Francis is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and also has live music on weekends. It also has The Francis Smokehouse next door with smoked meats and sandwiches.


It was a hard decision, but being such a beautiful day, we wanted to enjoy the outdoor dining at The Francis.IMG_2418.JPGIMG_2401.JPGIMG_2402.JPGIMG_2405.JPGIMG_2409.JPGIMG_2408.JPGIMG_2415.JPGIMG_2414.JPGfullsizeoutput_1c2f.jpeg

Here is the smokehouse next door.IMG_2400.JPGIMG_2399.JPG

We just enjoyed driving around and looking at all the historical buildings and churches, too.  FYI at Christmas, this place is even more charming!  IMG_2330.JPGIMG_2331IMG_2333.JPGIMG_2332.JPGIMG_2334.JPGIMG_2335.JPGIMG_2339.JPGIMG_2341.JPGIMG_2362.JPGIMG_2363.JPGIMG_2364.JPGIMG_2368.JPGIMG_2367.JPGIMG_2366IMG_2369.JPG

While we were there the American Queen was docked on the river.  They had hop-on-hop-off tour buses hitting all the landmarks, shops and restaurants.IMG_2317.JPGIMG_2320.JPGIMG_2322.JPGIMG_2361.JPG

If you are planning a trip to St. Francisville for a weekend, here are some other lodging options.


Shadetree Bed And Breakfast

Greenwood Plantation

Barrow House Bed and Breakfast

The Bluffs on Thompson Creek Golf Resortfullsizeoutput_1c2e.jpegIMG_2435.JPGIMG_2436.JPGIMG_2442.JPGIMG_2443.JPGIMG_2445.JPG

St. Francisville will be hosting Christmas in the Country December 1-2 with live music, lights, shopping, food vendors, Santa, and peep houses!

See Christmas throughout the state of Louisiana with the Holiday Trail of Lights here.


St. Francisville is a beautiful getaway with something for everyone!



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