Lavish Libations Series: Yule Log and Christmas Vacation


“Are you serious, Clark?”

It is our family’s tradition to watch Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase after decorating our Christmas tree.  It never gets old; we still laugh and laugh.  So, I thought it would be fun to create a drink to pair with it.  (We have another drink+flick coming up this season from the book, but I couldn’t pass up sharing this tradition with you.)

Mom and I found these two pralines liqueurs, one is pralines and cream and one is just pralines, at The Myrtles while there.  The lady at the counter highly recommended it, so I thought I would start here.

I decided I wanted a pecan pie feel, so I added cake-flavored vodka and whipping cream.IMG_2458.JPG

For a garnish, I crushed some gingersnaps, which screams “Christmas,” and rimmed the glass with them.IMG_2451.JPGIMG_2452.JPGIMG_2453.JPG

To help the crumbs stick to the glass, I rolled the rim of the glass in honey then dipped into the crumbs.IMG_2454.JPGIMG_2455

“Yule Log” Recipe:

(makes 1 drink)

1 shot of cake-flavored vodka

1/2 shot of pralines-and-cream-flavored liqueur

1/2 shot pralines-flavored liqueur

1 shot of whipping cream

In a shaker filled with ice, add liquors and shake well.  Pour into a glass of your choice.


I chose these ugly sweater glasses with lights to go with Cousin Eddie’s  attire/Clarke’s-over-the-top-lighting theme, but wouldn’t these be cute, too? Similar wine glasses here.

Now for the movie….

Did you know????

While the title is Christmas Vacation, the film never makes it to Christmas.  It actually ends on Christmas Eve.

Eddie’s son never speaks in the movie.

The movie had a huge budget for a comedy…$27 million to be exact.  But it made it back by producing close to $72,000,000.

The movie has ties to It’s A Wonderful Life.  Not only is a clip of the Frank Capra film used in Christmas Vacation, but Frank Capra’s grandson, Frank Capra III, is the assistant director of Christmas Vacation.

Aunt Bethany, Mae Quetzel, was the voice of Betty Boop in 1931.  Christmas Vacation was her last film.

While producing the film, a small earthquake hit the studio, causing the camera to shake slightly as Aunt Bethany and Uncle Lewis make their entrance into the Griswold Home. Along those same lines, the movie was shot at a backlot of a studio in Burbank, California.

Gene Autry’s “Here Comes Santa Claus” plays during the final police raid scene.  Coincidentally, Gene Autry and Randy Quaid (Uncle Eddie) are third cousins.

Christmas Vacation was director’s Jeremiah Chechik’s first featured film.  He makes a small appearance in the film on the cover of People magazine Clark reads in bed.IMG_2468.JPGIMG_2471.JPG





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