That Holiday Glow


During the holiday season, I like to add a little sparkle to my party face. I have my standby favorites, but since receiving some new samples in the Nordstrom Beauty event and a few trips to CVS, I have found some new radiating products I have been using.IMG_2883.JPGIMG_2884.JPGIMG_2885.JPGIMG_2886.JPG

First is YSL’s Touche Eclat Glow Shot. It ‘s a highlighter with beautiful coverage.  Second is Glam Glow’s Glow Starter.  It’s an illuminating moisturizer used under makeup.  Third is Revlon’s PhotoReady Eye Art. It’s a sparkly bi-colored lash, lid or line color.  It comes in 8 different colors, too.  I’m using “Burnished Bling.”

Here’s how I get ready with these products.IMG_2891.JPG

First I apply a CC cream.  IMG_2890.JPG

Next I apply the GlamGlow Glow Starter over my entire face.IMG_2895.JPG

I then apply foundation and concealer.


Next I apply powder.IMG_2907.JPGIMG_2908.JPG

And on top of that, I apply a little illuminating powder.


Now I apply the YSL highlighter with a brush to my forehead and cheekbones.IMG_2916.JPGIMG_2917.JPGIMG_2919.JPGIMG_2922.JPG

I then apply bronzer all over.IMG_2921.JPG

Then blush on apples of cheeks.IMG_2923.JPGIMG_2926.JPG

Now for the eyes.  I dust the lighter color of this over entire lid.IMG_2927.JPGIMG_2930.JPG

I apply this over bottom half of lid and blend with a brush.IMG_2934.JPGIMG_2936.JPGIMG_2940.JPG

Now for the fun part.  I take the solid color of the Revlon eye product and just above lashes.  Then I paint the glitter end over the upper and lower lashes.IMG_2942.JPGIMG_2949.JPGIMG_2947.JPGIMG_2948.JPGIMG_2951.JPGIMG_2952.JPG

(I had Hayley try this product while in town. She applied the solid color from mid-lid to crease and blended.  Then she applied the glittery side from mid-lid to lashes.  It looked so beautiful on her.  Another option.)

I now apply dark liner around lashes and my favorite mascara here. IMG_2961.JPG

I line lips with my favorite liner here in rose éclat.  Then apply this lipstick. IMG_2963.JPGIMG_2965.JPGIMG_2968.JPGIMG_2969.JPG

For a little extra sparkle on exposed skin, I like to rub a light layer of glittery massage bar.


I hope this inspires you with your holiday look!IMG_2967.JPG


Stay beautiful!



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