A Cocktail Party Tablescape and Five Easy Hors d’oeuvres


With the holiday season upon us, I either have to bring a dish to a party or I am hosting an impromptu get-together.  When I am short on time, I use a few grocery store staples to pull together easy apps.  I thought I would share them with you!

Also, when hosting a party, I like to put food and drinks in stations around the house.  That way people aren’t “in line” to get what they want.  For example, I will put the drinks and ice in the kitchen on the counter.  I might put the desserts on another buffet table.  And, a lot of times, I use the dining table as a station.  And, that is what I have done here.

First, I pull out the chairs and place them around the house for extra seating.IMG_3008.JPGIMG_3010.JPGIMG_3011.JPGIMG_3012.JPG

I like to start with a centerpiece in the center of the table.  Here I have used fresh greenery adorned with ornaments and silver and gold twigs.  I tied a green ribbon around it to hold the two pieces together.  And, then added the sparkly reindeer.  I like to place tea candles around the table for a soft glow.IMG_3013.JPGIMG_3014.JPGIMG_3026.JPG

I then like to place serving pieces in each corner of the table.  This way guests can use the whole table to serve themselves and not be forced to wait in a line.  IMG_3018.JPG

I then place the food on both sides of the table.IMG_3075.JPGIMG_3090.JPG

Now for those easy hors d’oeuvres……

If you are using this whole menu for a party, to save time, I would do them in the order listed.

Asian Sticky Meatballs


Combine a jar of pepper jelly and bottle of teriyaki sauce in a Crockpot.  Add 1 bag of frozen meatballs.  Turn on high and heat through. To save time, you defrost the meatballs first.

I serve these with cocktail toothpicks right out of the Crockpot to keep them warm.

Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed MushroomsIMG_3092.JPG

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  IMG_3060.JPG

I used baby portabella mushrooms and spinach-artichoke dip.  This one is made with Greek yogurt, so it’s not as fattening as most.  IMG_3061.JPG

Using a papertowel, rub the mushrooms clean.  Do not rinse them in water.IMG_3063.JPG

Pull stems out.IMG_3064.JPG

Spoon dip into mushrooms.  Bake for twenty minutes. Easy and delicious!

Pimento Cheese BitesIMG_3091.JPG

Leave oven at 350 degrees.IMG_3066.JPG

Spoon pimento cheese into the “Scoops.”IMG_3068.JPG

Bake for 5-7 minutes, depending on how cold your pimento spread is.  You’ve got to watch this carefully.

I garnish with finely chopped parsley.

Sausage Cheese StacksIMG_3085.JPG


I have used deer sausage with this, too.  It is just as good.  You can also use any kind of cheese you would like.  I like the small kick you get with the pepper jack.

Microwave the sausage whole in a covered dish for 3 minutes.  While cooking, cut your cheese into squares.IMG_3050.JPGIMG_3052.JPG

Slice the sausage into circles. Stack a cheese slice on top of the sausage slice.  Place a cocktail toothpick through the middle.  You can add slices of jalapeno for even more bite and color.IMG_3054.JPGIMG_3057.JPG

The cheese gets kind of soft when its placed on the warm sausage.  Yummy!

Crab Cucumber Rounds



I used two cucumbers and crab salad found in the seafood department.IMG_3039.JPG

Cut ends off of cucumbers.IMG_3040.JPG

Using a peeler, peel stripes down the cucumber.IMG_3042.JPG

Cut the cucumber into rounds.IMG_3043.JPG

Scoop salad on top of cucumber slices.IMG_3046.JPG

I garnish with a pinch of chive.

So the next time you are hosting or need to bring something to an event, hopefully this can save you a lot of time!IMG_3078.JPG



Table details:  dishes are heirloom Depression glass//tablecloth old//similar one here//fresh greenery from Sam’s Club floral department//reindeer I won in a raffle//similar reindeer here//flatware//white cotton napkins//clear plates

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