At-Home Blowout


Sometimes you have something a little fancier to attend, and you want your hairdo to be fancier as well.  If you don’t feel like heading to the salon for an expensive blowout, try this easy tutorial using Redken products.  


Starting with dirty hair, wash and towel dry,  I use this hair towel here. Apply a quarter-sized amount of ph-bonder to ends of hair and bring excess product to the roots and rest of hair.



IMG_8711Leave on for at least 10 minutes.  Shampoo and condition hair.  Towel dry again.


Lift roots at the crown into sections, spraying mousse horizontally.


Using the diffuser attachment, blow dry hair at roots, using fingers to flip in sections.


With hair still damp, run a pea-sized amount of gel through hair, roots to ends.


Using a clip, section and clip top half of hair up.


Take tiny sections with a round brush and blow dry hair, rolling up and down, drying hair up and down the hair shaft.  Continue to do each section until all of the moisture is gone from hair.


Move on to the next sections, doing the sides of your hair, crown and lastly, the bangs.

IMG_8742IMG_8744IMG_8750IMG_8753IMG_8755IMG_8757When you get to the bangs, roll hair backwards, using same technique above.  Then roll downwards, the opposite way.IMG_8759IMG_8760

If you like the finished look, you can finish by spraying the “Windblown” product, by scrunching your hair a little in sections and spritzing.


If you want an even straighter look, spray hair with this heat protectant, and straighten hair in sections with a flat iron.


I was happy with my hair’s look, so I did not use a flat iron this time.

I hope you try this technique.  It really lasted all day, too!

Stay beautiful!



mousse, finishing spray, product used before blowdrying, heat protectant, hair mask.




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