Lavish Libations Series: A White Russian Christmas


Rourke LOVES Christmas.  I do, too, but he takes it up a whole other level.  This guy will forgo watching a football game to watch some Rankin and Bass!  He DVR’s the “Twenty-five Days of Christmas!”  (He brought the bluetooth speaker to my mom’s house and started playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving.)  He has his favorite movie playlist that we MUST watch before Christmas.

One of his favorite movies to watch preceding Christmas is White Christmas.  And it happened to be in the book!

The drink to accompany the classic film is a minted-flavored White Russian.  We are not fans of mint, unless it’s a mint julep, so we tweaked this recipe to our liking.  fullsizeoutput_1d00.jpeg


Makes 1 drink

1 1/2 ounce of vodka

1 ounce vanilla soft-serve liqueur

3 ounces of eggnog

2 1/2 ounces of Bailey’s liqueur

In a shaker, mix the ingredients. Pour over a glass with ice.

We garnished with Hershey’s chocolate-mint-flavored candy canes.


I used these flamingo-Christmas-themed napkins, because one of our favorite scenes is where Bing and Danny meet the girls for the first time in South Beach, Florida!

As for the movie….

Did you know?

Rosemary Clooney plays Vera-Ellen’s older sister in the movie, but she was actually seven years younger.  Clooney was 26 and Vera-Ellen was 33.  Bing Crosby was 51.  That’s a 25 year gap!  Dean Jagger, who played the elderly general, was actually born a few months after Crosby!

The inn in Vermont made it’s first debut in Holiday Inn, which first gave us the song “White Christmas.”     The set on Paramount studios was re-invented for the movie White Christmas.

Vera-Ellen did not actually sing in the movie.  The only time her real voice was heard was when arriving to a warm Vermont and the group sang “Snow” as a joke!

Speaking of Vera-Ellen… she started dancing at the age of ten.  At the age of 18, she became one of the youngest Rockettes.  She carpooled with Doris Day to dancing classes growing up in Ohio!

Benny Haynes, “The Dog-faced Boy,” was the original Alfalfa in The Little Rascals.

Speaking of Benny…when they said he was “out of the country.”  He was in Alaska.  And, at that time, Alaska was officially part of the United States.

And of course, George Clooney is the nephew of Rosemary Clooney, who he says they didn’t get along very well.

The movie brought in $12 million and was a top earner in 1954.IMG_2585.JPG




snowflake glass (but plastic)//Caspari flamingo cocktail napkins//Hershey’s chocolate-mint candy canes//White Christmas DVD

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