New Year’s Bar Cart


Hayley and I had so much fun decorating the bar cart together for New Year’s ! IMG_3270.JPG

I found the number garland, the headbands, and poppers at Target in the bargain bin.  I found this fun garland to make and almost did, until I stumbled across this one. IMG_3276.JPGIMG_3285.JPG

I found the bell and glitter-gold MeriMeri crowns at World Market.

IMG_3280.JPGIMG_3300.JPGIMG_3289.JPGThe napkins, drink stirrers and coaster all came from Laura Hooper Calligraphy.

IMG_3281.JPGI had been wanting a lighted, letter box, and Hayley came through for me for Christmas.  Oh the possibilities are endless.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of it fo-sho!  She got it from Urban Outfitters.


The disco ball drink cups are from The Paper Tulip, but you can also find here.


Rourke and I have reservations for dinner New Year’s Eve and then home to watch the ball drop.  What are your plans?



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