New Year’s Breaths: Staying Healthy This Year


Let me preface this post with saying I am aiming to provide health and wellness posts this month to start the year off on the right foot.  That saying….

Since starting yoga, I have realized the importance of breathing ( great explanation here.)

Over the years, I have seen a pattern of my all-over health.  I usually get an upper-respiratory infection in the spring and again in the fall.  I have been to an allergist, and he basically told me that I am allergic to EVERYTHING!

I find when I am exposed to breathing in certain things, my nose gets inflamed, I get a scratchy throat and what’s worse,  I get the dreaded post-nasal drip, which can lead to bronchitis or even worse, pneumonia.

So I thought I would share with you ten things that I do to avoid the, I hate saying it, PND!

First, I have a live plant in just about every room of the house.  The plants provide oxygen while taking in carbon dioxide.IMG_3153.JPGIMG_3155.JPG

Second, I vacuum vents, fans, and window treatments frequently.  Dust is a major allergen.  I also dust and vacuum on a regular basis.IMG_3215.JPG

Third,  I invested in an air purifier with a HEPA filter.  IMG_3208.JPG

Fourth, I only use this laundry detergent.  I know you miss out on the nice smells,  but so worth it to your nose.IMG_3201.JPG

Fifth, if you have been following me, you know I LOVE fresh flowers, but I have to avoid Stargazers and all other lilies.  They have too much pollen in their stamens.IMG_3202.JPGIMG_3203.JPG

Sixth, I use this nasal rinse everyday.  It is uncomfortable, but really works.  If you can get past the first couple of tries, doing it gently, you will adjust.  It really flushes out all allergens that you breathe in during the day.  Some people prefer the neti pot instead.  Make sure you use warm, distilled water.IMG_3199.JPG

Seventh, I use this diffuser in the morning with either rosemary mint or eucalyptus oil to open me up.  It also increases morning brain functioning.IMG_3204.JPG

Eighth, I use Flonase as an antihistamine.  I spray two sprays into the outside sides of each nasal every morning.  It’s 24-hour relief and non-drowsy/non-stimulating.IMG_3197.JPG

Ninth, I take these two vitamin-c products together every morning.  I stir them together vigorously with purified water before I put anything else in my system. I get the Lypo-spheric C here and the vitamin C powder at any grocery or drug store.IMG_3209.JPG

Tenth, I also take a probiotic daily. (I love this explanation here.)IMG_3195.JPG

And one of these.IMG_3365.JPG

In the new year, I am going to try the following five things to boost my immune system even more (will let you know how it goes):


Blue Algae

Aleppo Pepper

Five Yoga Moves That Boost Your Immune System

And this Immunity Soup recipe:IMG_3211.JPGIMG_3212.JPG

How do you keep healthy?  What are your secrets? Do tell!

P.S.  I like to start every year a little more organized as well. I don’t know if you have purchased a new planner yet, but I love this one I am using by Sweet Caroline Designs .  These  and these are also great, too.  I always fill in birthdays, school holidays, early dismissals, etc.  But, then I also like to fill in when most major sales happen here.





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