After You Watch the Ball Drop, Put It To Work!


I love using these exercise balls.  You don’t realize what a great workout you get until you try them.  They strengthen your balance and flexibility while strengthening your muscles.

In this workout, I have 12 strength exercises that you can do each for a minute. And  in between each exercise, do one of the 2 cardio exercises below for a minute.  With a 3 minute warm-up and a 3 minute cool-down, that’s a 30 minute full-body workout!


  1. Squat jumps-jump up and throw ball against a wall.  Squat down to catch.IMG_3627.JPGIMG_3628.JPGIMG_3629.JPG

    2. Burpee Rollout


    Basic Crunch *an extra challenge would be to pulse at the top while pulling a pretend rope with your arms for an extra minute.IMG_3575.JPGIMG_3576.JPGPush-upIMG_3637.JPGIMG_3638.JPGWall Squats (with or without weights) *a real challenge would be to hold your squat for an extra minute as low as you can go.IMG_3602.JPGIMG_3603.JPGIMG_3605.JPGIMG_3606.JPGReverse CrunchIMG_3582.JPGIMG_3583.JPGBridge-lift butt and squeeze, driving heels into the ball.*to make it more of a challenge pulse at the top for an extra minute.IMG_3593.JPGIMG_3594.JPGArm Row *for a challenge, kick your forearm back when you lift elbow, and squeeze tri-cep.IMG_3618.JPGIMG_3619.JPGIMG_3620.JPGJackknifeIMG_3586.JPGIMG_3587.JPGIMG_3588.JPGIMG_3589.JPGIMG_3590.JPGIMG_3591.JPGIMG_3592.JPGBi-cep CurlIMG_3624IMG_3623.JPGIMG_3626.JPGIMG_3625.JPGLunge (with or without weights)-I would one leg first for 30 secs to a minute and then switch legs.*for a challenge, pulse for an extra minute on each leg. IMG_3609.JPGIMG_3610.JPGIMG_3612.JPGIMG_3613.JPGCrunch With Knee PullIMG_3577.JPGIMG_3578.JPGIMG_3579.JPGIMG_3580.JPGLat RaiseIMG_3621.JPGIMG_3622.JPGBridge With Leg Lift -I would recommend doing one leg at a time for 30 sec. to a minute.  Make sure to squeeze glute as you lift leg. *for a challenge, pulse at the top for an extra minute on each leg.IMG_3596.JPGIMG_3597.JPGIMG_3599.JPGIMG_3600.JPG

Ball Workout Routine

Warm up for 3 minutes with pretend jump rope, grapevine, and march in place.

Basic crunch-1 minute

Squat Jump-1 minute

Pushup-1 minute

Burpee Rollout-1 minute

Wall Squats-1 minute

Squat Jump-1 minute

Reverse Crunch-1 minute

Burpee Rollout-1 minute

Bridge-1 minute

Squat Jump-1 minute

Arm Rows-1 minute

Burpee Rollout-1 minute

Jackknife-1 minute

Squat Jump-1 minute

Bi-cep Curls-1 minute

Burpee Rollout-1 minute

Lunges-1 minute

Squat Jump-1 minute

Crunch with Knee Pull-1 minute

Burpee Rollout-1 minute

Lat Raise-1 minute

Squat Jump-1 minute

Bridge with Leg Lift-1 minute

Burpee Rollout-1 minute

Cool down for 3 minutes with walking in place and stepping side-to-side.  Stretch.


FYI…I got this cute top and sports bra at the local SuperKroger. All activewear is on sale now.  



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