Playroom to a Guest Bedroom: Part 1


Whenever I start a room redux, I always stop in at one my favorite Shreveport stores for inspiration.  Milling Around has been my go-to for fabric, home decor, gifts and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint since moving to Shreveport.  They have a beautiful store that will inspire any style.IMG_3499.JPGIMG_3500.JPGIMG_3501.JPGIMG_3502.JPGIMG_3503.JPGIMG_3504.JPGIMG_3505.JPGIMG_3506.JPGIMG_3507.JPGIMG_3508.JPGIMG_3509.JPGIMG_3510.JPGIMG_3511.JPGIMG_3512.JPG

See Hayley’s bedroom  fabric below on sale now!IMG_3514.JPG

My latest project is an empty bedroom that used to be the “playroom” to be transformed into a guest bedroom.

I picked up these two fabrics below for starters.



Okay not the most appealing pic above for the blog, but I wanted to start with the before pic first.  This is prior to Hayley moving to Dallas this past August.

When the kids were younger, this room was called “The Playroom.”  This is where they would go watch tv, play Xbox, play guitar, etc.  I put in a fold-out couch so extra friends would have a place to crash.

But, when they both moved out, they took a lot of the furniture with them, leaving this room empty.  Trust me they still have their “stuff” all over the house, garage and bonus room.  One day it might just “disappear.”  😉

So, I decided to make this a guest bedroom for when we have a full house!IMG_3002.JPGIMG_3003.JPGIMG_3007.JPG

We first took down the old curtains and had the room painted “Summer White” by Sherwin Williams.  This is a color that we also have in our den, foyer, dining room, kitchen and hallways.  It is a soft white color accompanied by a darker trim.

Next, I purchased a headboard, duvet, and mattress.  I also bought the fabric above that is now being made into drapes, a dust ruffle and pillows.

We moved that large antique piece over the window until the curtains are made for privacy thus the darker room.  I don’t know what we are doing with this piece yet.


The top fabric sample is for the curtains and the bottom one is for the dust ruffle.  This fabric will be made into pillows and possibly to cover a chair.  Still debating.

In the search of a rug now…. Help!  I can’t decide between this onethis onethis onethis onethis one, or this one in this color or this color.

So many decisions!

I think I found pictures for above the bed.  Haven’t even begun to think about furniture or lamps.  So …. until Part 2!



Details:  duvet and shams//similar headboard here

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