My Favorite Apps


There are a variety of apps I absolutely love and use most every day.  Some more on the occasional side.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.  



The Five Minute Journal ($4.99)

It is basically a daily gratitude journal that takes about 2 seconds to fill in.  I believe starting your day with a grateful heart puts everything in perspective!


Daily Bible (free for 1 month/$19.99/year)

You pick what time for this app to send you a Bible verse to lift you up each day.


Holy Bible (free)

This app provides a downloadable Bible, a “verse of the day,” and a tracker for your daily readings.


Health and WellnessIMG_3996.JPG

CalorieKing (free)

You can search nutritional value on most every food, food chain, or brands.  If you are counting calories, this is perfect for you!


myfitnesspal (free)

You can chart a weight goal, log in calories burned and taken in.  You can even scan bar codes from foods to enter nutritional values.  You can enter in a multitude of exercises and how many minutes you have exerted, and it will give you calories burned.


 Daily Yoga (different rates for different options)

I like this for when I am unable to go to the gym or don’t want to leave the house.  It provides a variety of yoga practices from beginner to mastery.  I have been using the basic service for $1.50/month.  It has lots of great classes you watch and do from your phone.


Popsugar Fitness (free)

This provides a great variety of exercise classes, from tabata to yoga to HIIT to Zumba.  I love doing these every now and then from the comfort of my own home!



trip advisor (free)

I love this app for planning a trip.  It provides reviews, ratings and rates on restaurants, hotels and things to do.  You just type in your destination and go from there!


Jetsetter (free)

This app show sales going on in different locations on high-end hotels, including all-inclusives.


KAYAK (free)

This app helps you find flights and hotels and compares prices for you.  It will also watch your trip details and alert when the price goes up or down before committing.


hopper (free)

This app will let you select a destination and watch the flight prices for you.  It will alert you when prices rise or drop.  It also predicts what a price will be on any given day.


waze (free)

This app alerts you of traffic and police officers on an automobile journey.  It will also give you the best available route.IMG_4019.JPGIMG_4021.JPG


Plates (free)

I thought of my mom and my aunts with this one.  They always go out to eat when celebrating birthdays.  This helps you split the bill.  You enter how many people, the amount, and the tax.  You have the option to split the bill equally or individually.



venmo (free)

This app allows you to transfer money back and forth between you and other people.  I use this a lot with my kids.


decluttr (free)

This app lets you sell books, cd’s, games and dvd’s.  The money is deposited in your account the next day!


Money Box (free)

This app allows you to save towards a goal, trip, etc.  It tracks your progress.IMG_4022.JPG

flipp (free)

This app lets you compare prices of items in your area, from groceries to electronics.


Big Oven (free)

This provides you with any kind of recipe you are looking for from “light” to “use what’s in your kitchen.”  It also has grocery list and meal plan options.IMG_4035.JPG

Food Network (free)

This app lets you search recipes by shows or chefs.  It also gives ratings and reviews.  It will give you a recipe of the day each day, too.

Let me know if ya’ll find an app that does laundry and washes dishes!;)

What are your favorite apps?




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