An Easy Flower Arrangement


Want an easy way to brighten a room?  Just make a flower arrangement.  It will lift anybody’s mood!IMG_3883.JPGStart with a container of your choice.  Fill with water and flower food.  I read this recently….you can actually substitute the food and water with equal parts lemon-lime soda and water!IMG_3885.JPGIMG_3886.JPGAdhere scotch tape vertically and horizontally.IMG_3887.JPGWhen choosing your flowers, always have a greenery.  This is aster I am using.  You will want to choose different textures, too.

For colors, I usually stick to either a cool or warm combo.  For example:  pinks, blues, purples and whites go well together.  While, oranges, yellows and reds going well together.

Here, I am making a warm-toned bouquet.IMG_3888.JPGHold the flower next to the vase to see where to cut.  Then cut the other stems the same length.IMG_3890.JPGIMG_3893.JPGI loved these green balls for a different texture of greenery.IMG_3894.JPGAgain, hold the stem beside the vase to see where to cut.  Then cut the rest of the stems to same length.  Continue doing this with each flower.IMG_3901.JPGI used these hypericum for my red component.IMG_3905.JPGI used sunflowers for a yellow component.

Now play around with your arrangement carefully by gently placing components in between tape.

These sunflowers had a mind of their own with their twisty stems.  I had to trim them down farther than I first intended to.IMG_3916.JPGIMG_3917.JPGRemember to change out your water every couple of days and replenish plant food.

I hope you give it a try!  Let me know!



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