Love-Related Books That I Highly Recommend

fullsizeoutput_1f31.jpegHappy February!  The month of love!  In honor of cupid himself, I thought I would dedicate a lot of this month’s post to love and all that entails!

That saying, I LOVE to read!!! And here I present you with books dealing with love that while reading them I could not put down.  Hardly any are new.  So, you might have read these yourself.  If so, it might be time to re-read.  I do this sometimes if it has been awhile.

So if you want a good romance, Nicholas Sparks  is always a winner.  Or, of course, my favorite, Fifty Shades Trilogy. ( I just finished Darker.  It is the second book from the original series from Christian’s point-of-view.  Very good!)

*Speaking of which, I am so pumped for the last Fifty movie installment to come out!  I’ve already downloaded the soundtrack and am gearing up!

Gosh! I digress!

Here they are:



Me Before You

This is a true love story.  It was so popular that it was made into a movie.  It has to do with a female character taking a job to care for an invalid man, who is disheartened due to losing his life as he knew it to an accident.


Redeeming Love

This story is set in the 1800’s in California during the Gold Rush.  The character was sold into prostitution at a young age but meets and marries the perfect man.  The story is based on Hosea in the Bible.

Romantic Comedy


Something Borrowed

This story is about a usually-good girl who after a few drinks at her 30th birthday sleeps with her best friend’s fiancé.


Wedding Night

I am currently reading this.  I bought it a while back, but I am just getting to it.  While it is not the page turner, it is quite comical. I have read other books by this author and love her sense of comic relief and her appeal to women of all ages.

Steamy Romances



I couldn’t decide if I should put this in “Romantic Comedy” or “Steamy Romance,”  because it is so funny.  But since it has a lot of steamy scenes, I thought I’d leave it in “Steamy Romance.” This story is about two neighbors, a girl on a dating hiatus and a guy who’s banging the wall nightly with his prowess ways.  Things start off tumultuous between  the two at first, but…..


Bared To You

Warning:  if you read this, you are probably going to want to read the whole series.  It has a similar feel to Fifty Shades.


Beautiful Bastard

This story starts with a demanding man-boss and hard-working assistant.  They are both stubborn to the point of tragedy but eventually are attracted to one another.  Like can’t-keep-their-hands-off-of-each-other attracted!



The Five Love Languages

This is a great book for any couple or any relationship to show the different ways people show/need love.


How To Love

I wish I had this back when Rourke and I were engaged.  Boy would it  have solved a lot of problems.

This is written by a Buddhist monk.  Without straying into any religious extreme, he provides simple rules of life for love.  It takes about 45 minutes to read all the way through, but I found myself going back and rereading sections that really spoke to me.



What are your favorite “love books?”  I need some new ones!!!




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