Making Of A Mardi Gras Float


Rourke and I are in our second year as members of the largest, single-parading Mardi Gras Krewes in the state of Louisiana.  We joined as a bucket-list type of thing year before last, but had so much fun, we decided to keep our membership up.

Our float has the best peeps anyone could ask for.  Everybody does their part to make the big day come to fruition.  And, without our fearless leader, Janet, directing us, and our creative director, Dan, inspiring us, we could not make this happen.

Each year our Krewe comes up with a theme.  We decide how we will decorate our float to go with the theme and start up tearing down the float and forging through.  This year’s theme was “Centaur Goes to the Library,” so we chose to do Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

The float started as a trailer used to carry cotton from the fields.  Dan and his dad built this three-leveled wonder around 11 years ago.  It has a his/hers bathrooms, and AWESOME sound system, cameras and electrical outlets.

The Mardi Gras season started early this year, so we had to work fast.IMG_2098IMG_2099IMG_2100IMG_2101IMG_2102IMG_2103IMG_2104

IMG_3826.JPGThis big piece of styrofoam is going to eventually be our octopus on the front of the float.IMG_3827.JPGIMG_3828.JPG

As you can see, it was very cold most days.  Lots of bundling up, because there is no heat or AC in the den.IMG_3829.JPGLots of painting going on.  We definitely try to wear old clothes.IMG_3830.JPGThere’s our fearless leader!!!IMG_3832.JPGThose are my buddies!IMG_3833.JPGIMG_3834.JPGIMG_3835.JPGIMG_3836.JPGIMG_3837.JPGLots of weekends are spent getting the float ready.  We have all built great friendships through painting, gluing, and eating food each of us brings to share.IMG_4068.JPGIMG_4362.JPGIMG_4363.JPGIMG_4133.JPGIMG_4134.JPGIMG_4135.JPGIMG_4137.JPGIMG_4139.JPG

This is my designated job…glittering the names on the back of the float….thus the name “Glitter Queen!”IMG_4132.JPGLots of lights, bubbles and fog are added.

IMG_4365.JPGIMG_4366.JPGIMG_4367.JPGIMG_4368.JPGIMG_4369.JPGLoading is in order!IMG_5538.JPGWe open the floats up to the public the night before the parade.  Here are some of our float peeps!  Fun times! IMG_5628.JPG

Our float gets blessed by Monsignor before the parade.

We join with the rest of the Krewe for float and costume judging and meet our Grand Marshall, Trace Adkins.  (FYI.. We won the costume contest this year.  YAY!)IMG_5544.JPG

I know….not good pic.  He was in and out so fast!IMG_5546.JPGIMG_5552.JPGWe got to fly the “Best Costume” off the back of our float during the parade.IMG_5570.JPG

The time has come to be locked in on our float.  We are ready to roll!!IMG_2195.jpeg

I changed wigs.IMG_5630.JPG

Great times with great people!! Can’t wait to start again for next year!!





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