Here’s Our Patriots’ Day Decor!

IMG_4546.JPGIf you missed my Patriots’ Day Decorations in an earlier post, I mentioned that my job every year is to decorate the Sanctuary for our school’s annual Patriots’ Day celebration.

This year’s theme was “Friends, Family, Faith and Freedom.”  So, I started thinking….I need to incorporate all four of these things.  But, how?

I started scanning Pinterest but found hardly anything.  I did however find one cross with a flag inside.  I took this and ran with it.

IMG_4538.JPGIMG_4540.JPGWe have these two large chicken-wired frames that we tend to use for most celebrations.  We usually decorate these as a base.  Leroy, our go-to guy for doing pretty much everything, took the wheels off of them for us so they would be more stable.  He also puts them on the stage like always and left me a ladder and a staple gun for my decorating fun.  (Thanks, Leroy!). They open up but I chose to fold them up.

On a flat surface, I traced a cross onto several large pieces of white paper that I adhered with tape on the back.  I then traced diagonal lines around the cross with the largest area around the top left.  I painted this blue and every other smaller diagonal line red, leaving the others white.  I die-cut white stars and glued to the blue area.  I traced the cross with a gold paint pen. I rolled the pieces up and took to the Sanctuary and staple gunned them to the chicken-wire frames.

I thought…this covers the “faith” and “freedom” parts of our theme.

IMG_4539.JPGThanks to our art teacher, MC, and her middle school students, they handled the “friends”  and “family” part of our theme.  I ran girl and boy paper doll templates on red, white and blue paper.  They cut them out for me.  Kudos!  With the fourth graders help, we taped them together to make a garland.

I found this roll of plastic stars and stripes table-cloth number to line above the doors, the sides of the stage, and in between the frames.

I taped the paper-doll garland on top of the doors and in between the frames.  I decided to fringe the sides of the stage.IMG_4544.JPGIMG_4543.JPGIMG_4542.JPG

Add some fun balloons and we got ourselves decorations! (Thank you Allison for ordering and picking these up BTW!!:))IMG_4545.JPG

Go Patriots!

Happy Presidents’ Day!  If you happen to be off, ENJOY!!!!



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