Spring Makeup Trends

IMG_4916.JPGI tried out some of the new makeup trends for you this spring.  Everything has a bright pop of color except nails.fullsizeoutput_21c1.jpegWhen trying makeup trends, I tend to start at the drugstore to try it out first without breaking the bank.

I bought a bright eyeliner, gloss and mascara.  So not to appear as a vaudeville clown, I would only choose one at a time to wear.  I would also minimize all other parts of the face as much as possible.

Bright Lip Gloss:

Below, I have applied foundation, powder and bronzer.  I then lined lips with a pink liner and applied the bright pink gloss above.  I really like the look!  And talk about saving me some time!!IMG_4915.JPGIMG_4916.JPGI used L’oreal Infallible 8Hour Pro Gloss in Pink Topaz.


Bright Mascara:

Below, I applied foundation, powder, bronzer and a light pink gloss.  I applied a neutral eyeshadow and a black liner to top lids.  I then applied blue mascara.IMG_4976.JPGIMG_4977.JPGI used L’oreal Voluminous Mascara in Cobalt Blue.fullsizeoutput_21c6.jpeg

Bright Eyeliner:

For this look, I applied foundation, powder,  and bronzer to my face. I applied a nude pencil and gloss to lips.   I applied a violet shimmer shadow to my lids and painted the bright liner across my top lid.  I applied black mascara to finish the look.  IMG_5010.JPGIMG_5011.JPG

I used L’oreal’s Infallible Paints Liquid Eyeliner in Intrepid Teal.fullsizeoutput_21c5.jpeg

Gray Nail Color:

For nails, the opposite is true.  Instead of brights, apparently gray is the color to have.  It does go well with everything as a cooler neutral.fullsizeoutput_21ce.jpegfullsizeoutput_21cd.jpeg


I used Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel in Greyfitti.fullsizeoutput_21cc.jpeg

Are you planning on trying some new makeup trends this spring?

It is a fun way to change things up and keep things fresh!



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