What I’m Loving Lately


Spring has sprung at the Smith house!  I am loving the tulip bulbs that have started blooming in between the pansies in our front beds.  They make me so happy!IMG_5026.JPGIMG_5024.JPGIMG_5028.JPGNext year, I am definitely planting more!!

IMG_5051.JPGI am loving this coffee table book! I bought one for my BFF for her birthday and one for myself.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Great decorating ideas!!IMG_5053.JPGIMG_5054.JPGIMG_5055.JPGIMG_5056.JPG

I am digging my new key chain….it has a phone charger!  It’s pretty cool-looking, too!IMG_5057.JPGIMG_5058.JPGIMG_5059.JPGIMG_5060.JPG

Hayley gave me this steamer for Christmas.  I love it!  I have steam-therapy every now and then, steaming linens and dresses.  It’s very therapeutic!IMG_5061.JPGIMG_5063.JPGOkay, so I got Rourke and myself these little cord holders.  I thought I loved mine a lot.  But, Rourke thought he left his in Fort Worth a few weeks ago, and I thought he was going to need a prescription for Prozac.  He finally found it between his car seats.  You would have thought he found his long lost dog!!  ( They do keep the cords organized and stored without all the tangles.)IMG_5067.JPGIMG_5068.JPGIMG_5069.JPGIMG_5070.JPGIMG_5075.JPGIMG_5077.JPG

I store mine in my purse, and Rourke keeps his in his computer bag.  They have a free monogramming option, too!


I am loving this guitar purse strap I ordered recently.  You can reinvent any of your purses, giving them a whole new look!IMG_5072.JPGIMG_5074.JPG

Okay, have ya’ll tried any of these frozen steam able vegetable medleys??  Here are some of my favorites.  They are easy to pull out of the freezer for a last-minute Lenten Friday lunch!IMG_5078.JPGIMG_5079.JPGIMG_5080.JPGIMG_5082.JPGIMG_5083.JPG

As far as our latest binge-show watching itinerary, we invested in a monthly auto-renewal for PBS shows on Amazon Prime.  (Do you feel everything has turned into an auto-renewal lately?  I feel like I have to auto-renewal to even breathe.  Talk about nickel and dime you!!) Anyhoo, to make the most of that $3.99, we are trying to catch up on all the PBS Masterpiece Theatre we have missed out on.  So, we are currently obsessed with Downton Abbey and Victoria.  Can’t get enough!!  Like I said before, I totally see what everybody has been talking about!!

I hope everybody is enjoying some beautiful weather like we have been having here!!





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