(Cont.) Easter Around The House


Yesterday, I shared with you a few Easter decorations around the house.  Here are the rest…

For the front porch, I added large Easter eggs in the bushes.  I added Easter Bunny banners (tutorial to follow) to the front doors.  Hydrangeas (thanks to my students from TAW) and a moss bunny beside front door.  And, of course tulips and pansies planted in the fall coming to fruition.IMG_5258.JPGIMG_5259.JPGIMG_5293IMG_5262.JPGIMG_5263.JPGIMG_5264.JPGIMG_5265.JPGIMG_5266.JPGIMG_5267.JPGIMG_5268.JPGIMG_5269.JPGIMG_5270.JPG

Bunny Banner Tutorial:


A good friend and I made these a couple of years ago together for our doors, and I always get excited when it is time to put them out.

You will need duck canvas cloth found at craft stores.  Measure your door(s) and cut accordingly. Draw or trace a picture of your choice on the canvas.  If you have access to a SmartBoard, you can trace the picture on the board.

Paint your canvas with acrylic paint.  Let dry.  Staple-gun to a a wooden dowel, and hot-glue bottom half of flap to the back, leaving room between the dowel to thread your ribbon.IMG_5275.JPG

Gorilla glue or hot glue fishing weights to the bottom, so they do not blow off of your door constantly.  IMG_5277.JPGIMG_5278.JPG

Thread your ribbon of choice through the top and tie.  Hang and enjoy!IMG_5281IMG_5282.JPG

I decided to add some glitter to his nose and some pom-poms to his hat, too.  I used regular glue for glitter and hot glue for pom-poms.IMG_5285.JPGIMG_5286.JPGIMG_5288.JPGIMG_5290.JPGIMG_5291.JPG

Notice those darn oak, pollen-filled thingamagiggers at the bottom right corner.  They are everywhere now!!IMG_5292.JPGIMG_5293.JPG

You could also add pom-pom fringe to the bottom edges.   My friend added tule to hers, and it was very cute!

I love spring!  Such a renewal time of year!  (Believe or not,,, we just saw a hummingbird around the feeders.  Rather early because they usually come in May, but a good sign that warmer weather is here to stay!)



Details:  large yard Easter eggs//moss-covered bunny planter//ribbon//canvas for banners//wooden dowel//large red pom-poms

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