Quip Review


We ordered this set of toothbrushes three months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  We were previously using Sonicare’s electric toothbrushes, but the brush replacements were costly and the chargers were unsightly.  fullsizeoutput_2220

Quip’s electric tooth brushes have no cords and come with a full-size toothpaste and a travel-size toothbrush.  The large lasts 3 months and travel lasts two weeks.fullsizeoutput_2225fullsizeoutput_2226

They also come with a cover for traveling and a sticky side used for sticking on your bathroom mirror.

A replacement of a new brush and another set of tubes of toothpastes come every 3 months.  This forces me to change my brush out, keeping sickness at bay.

They have several plans, but I chose the $40 starter set with a $10 replacement every 3 months.  This is a huge savings compared to the Sonicare system.

How does it perform?  Really well.  It has a 2 minute timer on it that stops intermittently, telling you to switch to another area of the mouth.  So you don’t have to think about it.  Turn it on and it does the thinking and timing for you!fullsizeoutput_2224

I ordered a silver handle for Rourke and a copper handle for me.  They look really sleek and are rather light.


I would highly recommend these for you and your family!  Great value and product!



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