DIY Tray Slash Shelf Decor

IMG_5197.JPGI was thinking the other day of what I should call my decorating style.  I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’m a little bit traditional, a tad contemporary, leaning on the glam side.  I thought what word describes that?  So, I started putting the words together in different combinations.  Contraglam? No, sounds too drug-lordish.  Ummm,, too wordy.  And, then I came up with…

“Traglamporary!” (/truh/-/glamp/-/or/-/air/-/ee/) How’s that?  Yes.  Has a nice ring to it.

So, when I started decorating the shelves in the new guest room, I actually pulled out my inner-bohemian, which is not usually on my radar.  It is so popular in California right now, along with the mid-century modern look.

After I started putting the shelf together, I asked myself, am I changing my look?  I thought and thought about it and realized the shelves still had a lot of glam to them, too.  So, I didn’t venture too off the beaten path that I walk…

I needed something on the shelf to go with the rest of the items on the shelf (post coming soon).  I found this round piece of wood at Home Depot for about $6 in the lumber department.

I taped designs on it, and then applied Ebony 2718 stain with a cloth to it, letting it dry each time.  I applied 6 times.  I then painted 2 layers of polyurethane.IMG_5135.JPGIMG_5136.JPGIMG_5140.JPGIMG_5141.JPGIMG_5144.JPGIMG_5147.JPGIMG_5148.JPG IMG_5149.JPGIMG_5149.JPGIMG_5151.JPGIMG_5152.JPGIMG_5154.JPGIMG_5155.JPGIMG_5160.JPG

I am still on the fence whether to add some gold handles to the sides.  But, after placing this on the shelf, I was pleasantly surprised how well it looked with everything else.  So, for now, I am keeping it as is….

(This would definitely make a great cheese tray, too!)




Deets:  small gold geometric pot used as a vase//Pine Round//stain//polyurethane//blue painter’s tape

P.S.  Some of you were asking how to get Quip from yesterday’s post.  Duh, I didn’t include a link for some reason.

Here you can get a limited edition yellow brush, where proceeds go to clean water in under-priviledged countries.

Here you can try Quip for free!

Here is where I ordered our brushes!

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