Cabi Capsule Wardrobe


I don’t know if you are familiar with the Cabi clothes brand.  I love it!  It offers classic, quality clothing with small, fun details on each piece.  I love that the brand carries over from season to season.  So, you can wear your pieces from spring into fall.

I also love that the company donates clothing to women that have been through natural disasters and also empowers women in third-world countries to become their own entrepreneurs.

I also love the new Cabi app.  It takes what you already own in your closet from Cabi and puts together outfits for you, including the next seasons’ line.  So, you can see what you would want to purchase for the next season.

My good friend, Kendall Meacham , Cabi-extraordinaire, came into town to host a Cabi party at our home.  She was so helpful and informative, without putting any pressure on anyone.  She was super-creative putting outfits together.  She was user-helpful with orders.  And, she was great with returns and exchanges, too.

I ordered a group of pieces that were all color-coordinated.  I had some staple pieces in mind that I was going to pair with them.  I also had accessories that I had bought recently that would work well with the color-scheme..

So, here I have the “capsule wardrobe,” mostly Cabi.  In the next few weeks, be looking for outfits from my “capsule.”


Outfit Details (not Cabi):  jeans//similar white distressed jeans//similar wide-leg, cropped pants//Coral Statement Earrings//Blue Statement Earrings//Similar Red Tassel Earrings//Circle Rattan Handbag//Flower Purse Strap//similar purse



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