48 Hours in Memphis: With No BBQ??!!


I know what you’re thinking…the home of blues and bbq and you didn’t take advantage.  Well, hear me out!  

Rourke and I are on separate fences when it comes to eating out.  He likes the dives with dark lighting and cheap, good food.  So, any barbecue joint meets that criteria, right?

Me, I like a gourmet meal with a nice glass of good wine.  Not a place where you ask for a glass of wine, and they give you three choices….red, white or pink?

So, with the weather being on the cooler, damp side while there, we did it my way this time.  No touristy places, no way.

Next time, which should not be too far away in the future,  we will do it Rourke’s way.  And, hopefully, with the warmer weather, we can walk down Beale Street or maybe see a baseball game.  I know he would love to tour Sun Records.

So here goes….

I found two parts of Memphis really cool.  One was the South Main Arts District.  It’s just south of downtown and has an urban-eclectic vibe.  It is home to many great restaurants and shops.IMG_6023

This was South Main Market.  It has several establishments within it.  IMG_6033.JPGIMG_6031.JPGIMG_6032

We ate at several great restaurants in this part of town.  For breakfast or lunch, I recommend this organic option, Bed Rock Market & Cafe.IMG_5408.JPG


For dinner, I highly recommend Catherine and Mary’s.  It is a modern Italian restaurant with a great wine selection.IMG_5417.JPGIMG_5418.JPGIMG_5945.JPG

Another great place for dinner is The Gray Canary.  It is mostly seafood served uber-creatively.  It is located inside the Dominick’s Distillery building on Front Street.IMG_5441.JPGIMG_5440.JPGIMG_6038.JPGThey have an extensive bar with a large raw bar.  IMG_6039.JPGIMG_E6046.JPGIMG_E6048.JPGIMG_E6050.JPGGreat wine here, too!

We did not go, but this outside/inside bar/restaurant looked cool!IMG_5415.JPGAnd, this, too… maybe for lunch on the patio?IMG_5412.JPG

There is also tons of entertainment and arts.  There is also free transportation.  The Orpheum Theatre was hosting the Broadway show Wicked the night before we arrived.  There are also several museums.

The second area of Memphis that I would like to showcase is Overton Square.  It was about a $15 Uber ride from downtown.


This is a one-stop shopping/eating/entertaining area.  IMG_5521.JPG

There’s a live entertainment area.  IMG_5504.JPGIMG_5502.JPGIMG_5483.JPGThere’s a piano bar.IMG_5484.JPGIt had any kind of restaurant you could imagine.IMG_5447.JPGIMG_5514.JPGIMG_5516.JPGIMG_5475.JPGIMG_5471.JPGIMG_5470.JPGIMG_5462.JPGIMG_5464.JPGIMG_5460.JPGIMG_5458.JPGIMG_5456.JPGIMG_5457.JPGIt was 2$ Taco Tuesday at Babalu.  So that was the choice for lunch!IMG_5445.JPGIMG_5448.JPGIMG_5449.JPGIMG_5450.JPGIMG_5453.JPGIMG_5455.JPG

They have shopping, yoga and pilates studios and a spa, too!IMG_5506.JPGIMG_5500.JPGIMG_5505IMG_5493.JPGIMG_5489.JPGIMG_5490.JPGIMG_5491.JPG

And, what’s more they have a movie theatre and the Memphis Ballet Theatre.IMG_5486IMG_5466.JPGIMG_5468.JPG

Great area!

As far as downtown,  we enjoyed Flight, Automatic Slim’s and The Peabody Hotel.IMG_5430.JPGIMG_5432.JPGIMG_5934.JPGIMG_5936.JPGIMG_5938.JPGIMG_5939.JPG

The Famous Peabody HotelIMG_6052.JPGAs far as where to stay downtown, I would recommend The Westin Memphis Beale Street  and The Peabody Hotel.

So tune in for a later post with down-home blues and bbq and a few touristy spots!

P.S.  It happens to be the 50th anniversary of the day Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in Memphis.  Such a sad day!




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