Cinco De Mayo Bar Cart


Buenos Dias!  I know it is still April, but May 5 is upon us before we know it.  I thought it would be fun to do a Mexican fiesta theme.  I toyed with doing a Kentucky Derby-themed bar cart.  Consequently, it also on May 5 this year.

But, I just love the fun colors a fiesta entails.  In fact, for Hayley’s graduation last May, we put on a fiesta of all fiestas.  You can check it out here.

fullsizeoutput_22e8I found these two cuties on either side of the light box at Hobby Lobby.  The cactus was 40% off, and I used their 40% coupon online for the mini-pinta,

fullsizeoutput_22eb.jpegThese fun napkins were a hostess gift, but my guest got them at this very, fun site.fullsizeoutput_22f1.jpegThe pom-pom garlands (I used 2) are from Target’s party section.

fullsizeoutput_22f3.jpegThe ice bucket was a DIY project that you can check out here.fullsizeoutput_22f4.jpegRourke keeps complaining about the fact that there is no liquor on our bar cart.  So, I am gradually building a small arsenal.  Of course, I had to include tequila for margaritas.fullsizeoutput_22f2.jpegMy standard bar books and one of my favorite candles.fullsizeoutput_22ef.jpegGot to have flowers and margarita glasses, of course!!fullsizeoutput_22f6.jpeg For an easy, delicious salsa to go with your ‘ritas, click here.fullsizeoutput_22f8.jpeg

Hasta luego, amigos!



FYI… Tomorrow, April 14, Target will have a collaboration with Hunter.  You can purchase boots for the whole family from the same company the queen wears for a fraction of the cost!

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